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2009 Winter


Holiday Sale, now through 12/31/09
Sale is now over. Please check our current newsletter for the current sale.


Supplier Challenges
We recently had a mysterious circumstance with a machining supplier of ours that has been making two of the major component parts of our plunge base for the last few years. Needing to re-order a batch of parts, we called and spoke with him about 6 weeks ago to check availability and schedule. He told us he thought some of the parts were already made and that he'd check and call us back.

Rich took off for a show and assumed the order was under way. A week later we called to check on the status of our order only to hear the telephone prompt "number no longer in service." Rich drove over to the man's shop and found that he'd moved ( we heard later that it was to Oregon) and left no forwarding telephone or address. To this day we've heard nothing. Makes you wonder who was chasing him?

The happy ending is that we've re-united with a supplier that we've known for years who has begun the CNC programming and production of the parts. Although delayed about 6 weeks, the parts are on their way and our assembly routines can return to normal.

We'd like to thank all those of you who have the plunge base on order for your patience. We're confident, barring any unforeseen supplier delays, of a delivery time before Christmas! For those who are considering placing an order, please do so right away to ensure you have a place in the first run of the new batch.

Micro Stop Launch a Success!
The pre-production sale of our new Micro Stop bore out our suspicions that this might be a popular item. We've shipped out all initial orders and see a steady stream of sales and interest continuing. We intend to create a page on the website that's dedicated to the varied and many uses of the Stop and are asking customers who've already purchased to send us pictures of the way they've utilized theirs; anyone who emails us digital pictures wins a $20 discount coupon for future Micro Fence purchases!

Incidentally, we're beginning a program of granting store credits for electronic photos of the Micro Fence System at work in your shop. Share unusual or creative applications in jobs you've done and get credit toward future purchases (don't expect shares in the company). We, of course get final say on web inclusion. Keep those photos crisp boys!

Our Customers are the Best!

Times are tough and it's hard for a small business to survive, as we experienced first hand with the "disappearance" of one of our main suppliers. Without the kind comments, emails, forum postings, and general enthusiasm our customers offer we might not have weathered the storm.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank customers like Martin Deville and Floyd Gibson who have taken the time to stop by our shop, Wayne Nagle and Doug Sheperd who have helped us immensely on the forums, and all of those who have emailed compliments or mentioned us to friends. A special thank you also to Nick Olandese for his brazen support on the Festool Owners Group site..."the last circle jig you'll ever buy...".

Once again, thanks too, to all those of you like Pete Lorenz who has had our Plunge Base on back-order for some weeks now for his gracious and supportive patience as we await the first order of key parts from our new supplier (rest assured that those orders will be assembled within hours of us receiving the completed parts).

And last but not least, we would like to thank Fred West and the boys on the TalkFestool Forum, for inviting us to participate on your site. Unfortunately Rich's schedule (3 days at home, 4 on the road) made it impossible for us to be as involved we'dve liked; but hopefully in the future we can stop by again.

Our customers are the best and we genuinely appreciate you!

Shop Music Page Coming Soon
Keep your eyes on our site as we'll soon be featuring a Shop Music page where you can order some great music to work to, including CDs by Rich and friends!


This show season has been a little on the thin side, so we are planning to attend the next two shows in December before making a final determination about 2010. Our observation is that the shows seem to be attracting more beginning woodworkers than experienced ones, who at times seem to be a little intimidated by Micro Fence. This is a sentiment we also see running through the online forums, and we are working daily to make the Micro Fence System more understandable and accessible to the novice woodworker. Suggestions along these lines are always welcome. We appreciate all of your comments, and hope you will check our Show Schedule periodically for updates. To go to our Show Schedule, click here.

Location (click for map)
The Woodworking Shows Dec. 4-6 Minneapolis Convention Center
1301 Second Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
The Woodworking Shows Dec. 11-13 Schaumburg Convention Center
1551 North Thoreau Drive
Schaumburg, IL 60173


This inspiring picture was taken with permission from MajesticMedallions.com. These custom hardwood floor medallions were crafted by our customer Nick Olandese using the Micro Fence Circle Jig. Visit his website to see more exquisite patterns: http://www.majesticmedallions.com

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