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2011 Summer


Brand New: Clamp Interface Complete

True Position Drill Guide:
Tackling Hardware Installation

Fine Woodworking:
Featured Artist Sue Spray

Customer Gallery Spotlight:
Foyer Table by Richard Babbitt

QUICK UPDATE: Micro Fence Plunge Base & Edge-Guide Combination wins the 2011 AWFS Sequoia Award for Leadership in Innovation! Click here to learn more!

Congratulations are in order for customer William Jacob who was notified on July 1 that he won our Award Winning Plunge Base in the most recent FREE DRAWING! Happy Fourth of July William!

Part of our Summer 2011 Plunge Base Run.

A Personal Note from Rich:

This summer has been a busy one, with AWFS in July, preparation for our upcoming show season, a lot of research and development, and a lot of careful cost analysis for the entire range of Micro Fence products.

We have previously announced that prices would be going up on July 1st. This has proved to be true for some of our packages and a few individual products, though we've been able to minimize these increases by adjusting the contents of the packages.

We also found that due to improved production techniques, a few items have actually gone down in price (e,g, our Vacuum Center Assembly). In the overview, only a few items have changed. The big difference regarding our pricing will be with the discount levels we'll be able to offer here on our site and at shows throughout the year. Please check our website for current pricing and discount opportunities which change frequently.

What has not changed is our dedication to quality and value. When you buy a Micro Fence product, designed, manufactured and assembled entirely in the US, you can be assured that you are purchasing the finest quality tool available anywhere in the world.

Thanks very much for your support. Rich

The Summer Sale Ended September 30, 2011.

Tackling Hardware Installation



As a professional cabinetmaker, Tad Lostlen liked to get things done quickly, effeciently, and accurately. This in mind, he saw a major flaw on the job site. Installing hardware was a serious bottleneck to finishing the job.

So, in 1996 Tad began work on the True Position Drill Guide. He set out to make a hardware tool that would be so versatile, he would never have to make another template. More so, he wanted it to be easy to use, fast, and well made. What he came up with was a simple T square design that truly hit the nail on the head.

It was just about then that Tad and Rich met at a woodworking show and began a friendship that has endured since. James, who has taken over the day to day business of the company has also become a trusted and friendly associate to us at Micro Fence.

Upon confirming the tools accuracy and durability, the TP 1934 was released in 1997. Seeing the tool in action, fellow cabinetmakers found themselves utterly jealous. They saw Tad finish hardware in an entire kitchen in the time it took them to drill a few holes. Since then the system has grown in versatility and for over ten years now, the True Position brand has helped thousands of wood workers save time, mistakes and frustration while aligning and installing hardware. Many users still have their orignal tools and use them every day. True Position Drill Guide is now sold worldwide and continues to grow, mainly from word of mouth recomendations from their happy customers.

Tad and James Lostlen

Visit Microfence.com to take a look at the True Position Overview

True Position Drill Guide

We're offering a special price advantage on the True Position Guides along with this newsletter: Check them out here and save up to $20.

Featured Artist Sue Spray

About two years ago, Rich received a call from the San Diego Fine Woodworker's Association inviting him to a monthly meeting to do a presentation of the Micro Fence System. The call came from a woman named Sue Spray who was then the president of the organization.

Now our a customer and friend, Sue is also a board certified veternarian in comparative medicine (the study of anatomy, physiology and cellular function of humans and animals for purposes of furthering biomedical knowledge and advancement).  She retired from the position of Senior Veterinarian at Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California to pursue other interests.  Though an accomplished medical professional, Sue is truly inspired by fine woodworking and divides her professional focus between developing sustainable living techniques and being a woodworker artisan.  Her favorite pieces to create are hand crafted canoes from exotic and rare species of wood (the bow of one is featured in our top banner above),  natural edge slab furniture and stringed musical instruments.  She also enjoys creating new designs of traditional furniture using techniques across the various woodworking disciplines.

Click to enlarge.

Here is what Sue had to say about Micro Fence: "The Micro Fence and plunge router base is one of the most fantastic, versatile tools in my shop. I can do extremely accurate grooves, dadoes, rabbets, etc with this tool. The rosettes on my custom guitars are all created and installed with the Micro Fence Circle Cutting System with fantastic results. My high-end tackle box joinery is rapid and easy with the Micro Fence. The tool is easy to set up with extremely accurate results achieved quickly and with confidence. I find myself coming up with new ways to use this tool to make my woodworking more unique, precise and interesting. I reach for it first when I need to do a precise procedure. Thank you Rich for creating such a wonderful tool. I LOVE it!" Thank you for that wonderful review, Sue, and with that, please take a look at some of her work below and visit her website www.suespray.com.

Richard Babbitt's Foyer Table

Richard Babbitt has been working with his Micro Fence System since the Portland Oregon Woodworking Show last November, and has had ample time to put our products through their paces. This Foyer Table represents his first attempt at veneering and the Micro Fence Circle Jig "gave me the confidence of a surgeon with a new scalpel, I would never attempt it without it."

"I've never veneered anything in my life, however, your product, the [Plunge Base] coupled with the Circle Jig performed flawlessly."

For the Top, the materials he used: Substrate: 1 3/16 inch Baltic Birch for the Substrate, White Oak for the Veneer, Macassar Ebony for the Outer Veneer, White Holly for the Stringing, and White Holly and Black Ebony for the Rosette.

The Base is constructed of locally harvested Madrona. These trees don't produce much usable lumber, thus the base is made up of many pieces laminated together. The six segment column consists of 18 pieces, and the three corbels required 15 pieces. The entire base required over 50 pieces. All the reliefs for the carvings were accomplished via templates and the Micro Fence Plunge Base.

For the Finish: On the top it's clear lacquer, on the base Trans Tint Dye 50/50 dark Mission Brown and Medium Brown with Van Dyke Dark Brown glaze and finished with clear lacquer. The size of the table measures on the top 1 3/16 inches by 36 inch diameter, the height is 30 1/4 inches, and the base diameter is 32 1/2 inches.

Send us your pictures to be considered for our next Gallery Spotlight.


More information about the 2011/2012 show season will come in the fall newsletter.

EVENT DATE LOCATION (click for more info)
Booth 4353
July 20-23, 2011 Las Vegas Convention Center
3150 Paradise Road
Las Vegas, NV 89109
We also expect to do the entire Woodworking Show 2011-2012 Season.
To get more information, click here.

To go to our full Show Schedule, click here.



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