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2012 Fall


In this Issue:

December 31st our 9th Free Drawing

Fall Sale!

Words from Rich Wedler

The New Micro Plunge from Micro Fence®

New Formula Dyna Glide Plus

Upcoming Shows and Conferences


December 31st 9th Free Drawing


Our 9th Free Drawing closes on December 31, 2012. Enter now!
*Please note only one entry per household and prior winners are not eligible to enter.

Thank you to everyone who entered our 8th Free Drawing, (which ended 7/31/12) and....

Congratulations to Alan G. Hadesh, Ottawa Lake, MI, winner of the Plunge Base + Edge-Guide Package!


This current drawing will again be for our award winning combination, the Plunge Base + Edge-Guide Package, which won the 2011 AWFS Sequoia Award.

 We were particularly honored to be picked from an impressive field of entries as the leader in "Product Innovation" in the Power Tool category. The winner can select either the Plunge Base + Edge-Guide Package or the Plunge Base + Circle Jig Package. Both have a value of $599.95!

 Any submissions after 12/31/12 will not be included in this current drawing.


click here to enter drawing!!! __________________________________________________________________________

 (Fall Features now through December 31, 2012)

Take advantage of these exclusive offers and bring the Micro Fence system into your shop!

now through Dec. 31, 2012

 Our Original Edge Guide on sale for $179.95
Normal Retail: $199.95 SAVE $20 

Add any two accessories from the following list and receive 20% off on them as well

  • Center Bar Levelers

  • Stop Collar Set

  • Dial Calipers

  • Circle Jig Attachment

  • A Second Mounting Bar

  • Stop Clamps

  • Sub Base Assembly

 (online orders will reflect discount after orders are placed or call us at 800-480-6427)

NEW! Edge Guide + Circle (Standard + Small) Package on sale for $429.95
(Includes Edge-Guide, Circle Jig Attachment, Stop Collar Set,
Stabilizer Bar and Center Bar & Levelers)

Purchased seperately: $459.95 SAVE $30

Vacuum Center Assembly on sale for $199.95
Normal Retail: $229.95 SAVE $30 

Edge-Guide + Plunge Base on sale for $529.95
Purchased seperately: $599.95 SAVE $80

Pro-Plus Package on sale for $769.95
Purchased seperately: $834.70 SAVE $65 

Shop online or call us at 800-480-6427


Words from Rich Wedler


We've had a particularly busy summer with our efforts to prepare our new Micro Plunge Base for production and release. Seemingly endless design changes and prototype fabrications have kept us hopping! As you'll see in this newsletter, the tool has finally begun it's first production run. We're extremely proud of this new offering and have built it in the same quality tradition as all our other tools, (and it's all still 100% U.S.made).

On a more mundane note, we're making some minor changes to the various package deals that we offer. Loathe to increasing prices to absorb the escalating costs of production, we'll be changing the contents of those packages. For instance, the dust hood kits that we've always included with our original Plunge Base will become an optional accessory. (This will also be the case with our new Micro Plunge Base dust hood kit.) Hopefully these adjustments will allow us to hold most of our overall package prices and still be able to afford to produce them. You'll see minor changes like these throughout our website.

I'd like to once again thank all of our customers who have made the Micro Fence System a sustainable business. It's always gratifying to hear the supportive comments that so many of you have sent us. We intend to continue our path and hope the word will continue to spread.

Best regards, Rich Wedler


  The New Micro Plunge Base from Micro Fence

In my 40+ years of building one-off furniture for a living, I often wished for more routing portability and precision for lighter routing jobs like installing door and cabinet hinges, architectural detailing, inlay work, picture frame building and scale modeling. I was never able to find tools to perform these functions that were suitably rigid or with the ability to produce truly measured results. Well, we figured that if our first Plunge Base could win the Sequoia Award, maybe we could build a smaller one targeted at a smaller task range of work that would provide those advantages!

Our new Micro Plunge Base is made to accept a number of different high speed rotary tools and pencil die grinders. When paired with a Dremel or Proxxon tool (and it will accommodate most of them), it offers the ultimate in stability with the benefit of measured control  (to .001") for depth-of-cut adjustments. Fit it with one of the new Dremel Cordless motors and your rig is completely untethered! Add the Micro Fence Edge Guide and you have the most precise vertical and horizontal adjustment of any compact routing combination in the world!..and in a package that weighs about 3 lbs.

The Micro Plunge Base with a cordless Dremel provides complete freedom

We previewed the Micro Plunge at IWF this year in Atlanta and then rushed home to implement a few design changes that we thought would improve the tool. Now we'll be debuting it at the Woodworking in America show in Pasadena, California on Oct. 12th. For the first time, we'll be accepting orders. If you're not attending the show you can reserve one through our office either by phone (800-480-6427) or email (microfence@microfence.com). The price tag at $299.95 re-visits a familiar dilemma for us at Micro Fence...high quality tool... big price resistance! We could cut corners or try taking production off-shore, but that could compromise quality and it's just not our style.

We chose a 4" diameter base and basically copied it's big brother in miniature, then opened up the base for maximum visibility. It's compatible of course, with the original Edge Guide/ Circle Jig and all other Micro Fence® Accessories. It weighs in at about one and a half pounds by itself (close to 3 with our Edge Guide attached) and offers more freedom than any rig I've ever seen. High-speed rotary tools generally accommodate 1/8" shank tools (and smaller). We've added an excellent variety of end mills as well as extended-shank types to our site.

We've designed a number of optional accessories to expand the versatility of the tool including an Acrylic Insert for mounting Template Guide Bushings; a pair of Auto-Centering Bearings for centered cuts on materials up to 3" wide; the top mounted dust hood kit; and our ever popular Center Bar & Levelers for cutting small circles. There are also various Acrylic Inserts to accommodate different motors.

The Micro Plunge can accommodate a number of high-speed rotary tool motors including Dremel 300, 395, 400, 400XPR, 3000, 4000, 7300, 7700, 8100, 8200 and 8220; Proxxon models IB/E, IBS/E, FBS 115/E & Micromot 50/E. We're currently working on an adaptyer for the Foredom line and others will be added as time goes by.


Both our original and Micro Plunge Bases

Continue to check our website, www.microfence.com, for new models, pricing information and availability.

Inlay work, hinges, locks joinery and detailing of all sorts

The Micro Plunge offers unprecedented control for depth-of-cut


Should you be interested in reserving one of our first limited edition units, call us at 1-800-480-6427 to place your order. Making the purchase now guarantees one of the initial production run tools. Delivery time will be 4-6 weeks from the receipt of this newsletter.

Continue to check our website,www.microfence.com, for pricing information and availability.


Gallery Spotlight

We'll be resuming our Spotlight feature with our next newsletter.



New Formula Dyna Glide Plus


The New DynaGlide Plus:

Our friends at Dyna-Glide, Jim Akers and his son have been working on a new dry lube spray that we figure deserves some recognition. We've long promoted the original Dyna Glide as the cleaner/lubricant of choice for use with our equipment. It's a non-staining "dry-film lubricant and conditioner" that we've used to clean and lube our Edge Guide, Circle Jig and Plunge Base during the assembly process.

When I first tried it some 15 years ago, I became an immediate convert...both for metal and woodworking projects. It's no silicone/teflon formula eliminated finishing problems in my furniture projects and I particularly liked the "no build-up" quality it offered on table tops and fences. I can already tell you that Dynaglide has become indispensible in our shop here in California...we use it on the table-tops of saws, jointers, planers and shapers, router sub-bases, cutting tools, saw blades and everywhere we want to eliminate dirt, grime or drag.

A conversation with Jim recently taught me that a new formula has been added to their line that brings a rust inhibitor into the mix. The test results that Jim relayed to me were most impressive. The rust-inhibitive capability of the new Dyna Glide Plus makes it an obvious choice for cleaning and maintenance of woodworking machinery as well as coating saw blades and cutting tools of all types.

We'll be exhibiting the new formula in our booth at the Woodworking America Show show in Pasadena and in Cincinnati this September / October and will have the product avilable on our website shortly, (including their new re-fillable metal sprayer). Meanwhile we still recommend the original formula Dynaglide which is avaiable on our website currently.

Jim has approached us to become the national distributor for these fine products which we're very excited about. We'll be offering case quantity discounts and will welcome dealer inquiries.




Do you want to see your work showcased in our Gallery Spotlight? Contact us at microfence@microfence.com!

pcoming Shows and Conferences

IWF 2010



2012 Woodworking in America Show
October 12th & 13th, 2012
Pasadena Convention Center
Pasadena, CA

The Ultimate Woodworking Weekend




2012 Woodworking in America Show
November 2nd - 4th, 2012
Northern Kentucky Convention Center
Covington, KY

The Ultimate Woodworking Weekend



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