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2012 Spring

Spring 2012 Quarterly Newsletter

In this issue:

Winner for our Quarterly Drawing

2011-2012 Show Season Update from Rich Wedler

Show Specials Extended One More Time!

New Developments at Micro Fence

Gallery Spotlights

Micro Fence Customer Thoughts




Congratulations to 

Jim Gray, the 2012 Spring Quarterly Drawing winner!

When we called James W. Gray of Blue Springs, Missouri, about the fact that he'd just won our 7th Micro Fence® Free Drawing, the first words he uttered were "You're kidding...I never win anything".  On behalf of the Micro Fence® team, we hope you enjoy your new Plunge Base & Edge-Guide. It's particularly nice to hear that someone is looking forward to what the Micro Fence System can bring to their craft.

James emailed: "WOW, I don't win things very often. I am truly excited about getting started with learning how to use the base and edge guide. Inlays are something I've wanted to try for some time. Now I have no excuse for not doing it. Thank you so much. I will try to make it into something my family and friends will enjoy."

This next quarter we'll be doing it again. To enter our 8th free drawing, for our award winning combination Plunge Base & Edge-Guide combination package, click here.  The drawing ends July 31, 2012.

We were particularly honored to be picked from an impressive field of entries in the 2011 AWFS Sequoia competition as the leader in "Product Innovation" in the Power Tool category. You can select whether you want the Plunge Base + Edge-Guide Package OR the Plunge Base + Circle Jig Package. Both have a value of $599.95!


2011-2012 Show Season:  Thoughts from Rich Wedler


Rich utilizes the HD monitor to show                                   The Inlay seminars were well attended throughout the                                      A moment of musical relaxation with fellow

close-ups of an inlay constuction.                                                                          entire season.                                                                                           educator Roland Johnson.


The 2011-2012 Woodworking Show season has come to a close and now that the numbing of the travel schedule has subsided, a few thoughts linger on. Last year before Christmas, we participated in 5 shows including Los Angeles, Sacramento, Portland, Denver, and Chicago... five weeks on the road teaching seven seminars a weekend. That was a little challenging, but then there was a month to recover before heading out again in January for thirteen continuous weeks starting in Baltimore. Living in Los Angeles, this meant three months of 3-4a.m. departures on Thursdays, three-day shows with seven seminars a weekend and return trips bringing me home at close to midnight each Sunday. Whew! I'm thankful there's a whole summer of more normal hours ahead.

It's taken all of the last two weeks to recover to the point that energy and motivation is returning. In retrospect, most of the recollections of the tour are about the terrific people we met at the Micro Fence® booth and in the Inlay Seminars. The common bond we all have in woodworking is strong and the passion I felt from so many attendees who wanted to grow their craft was undeniable. I couldn't help but feel rewarded with the reception our products received from so many. There's no question that current economic concerns deterred many from spending excessively, but judging from comments made by the majority of folks, I think the future looks encouraging. In fact, if even 5% of the people that have told me that our tools are on their wish list actually purchase... well, you get the picture.

One of the highlights of this season has been the company of a number of the other educators out on the tour. Jim Heavey has been a true and loyal compadre and Roland Johnson has brought many a musical diversion that helped our marathon be more enjoyable. My thanks and appreciation to both men.

So thanks to all of you who attended, participated and purchased. I hope we'll see you again in the coming year and I hope you enjoy this newsletter.


Best regards, 

Rich Wedler

Rich, at the inlay bench at the Woodworking Show in Katy, Texas March 2012


Show Specials are Available One Last Time!


If you've ever visited our booth at The Woodworking Shows, you probably are aware that we usually offer some show specials  that are lower than our published retail prices. Over the last four years, our manufacturing costs have risen on most all of the parts that we make or purchase for the Micro Fence® System. We've tried hard to keep our retail prices constant, but in the future this will be increasingly difficult to do. For now, rather than raise prices we'll simply limit the discounts to help defray our increased costs. The level of discounts we'll be able to offer (either at the shows or elsewhere), will be shrinking. This will most likely be the last opportunity to get these 2011 "Show Special" prices. We encourage you to take advantage of them.


If you happened to miss our 2011-2012 show season, or if you saw the tools and are wishing you had purchased them at the reduced prices, it's not too late! Now through June 30th you can save on the following:


Spring Savings!

Plunge Base + Edge Guide Combination

$499.95 - Save $100.00

Select Router Bit Kits 15% Off

All Mortising, Fluting, and Inlay Bit Kits (Basic or Complete)

(Excludes Whiteside Brass Inlay Bit Kit)

Edge-Guide or Circle Jig Complete

$179.95 - Save $20!

Circle Jig Attachment

$139.95 - Save $20!

Standard Ellipse Jig

$199.95- Save $20!

Vacuum Center Assembly

$199.95 - Save $20!

Best Buy!  Pro Package

$769.95 - Save $30!

Full Micro Fence System Offer

w/Large Ellipse   $2099.95 - Save $230!

w/Standard Ellipse  $1899.95 - Save $200!



New Developments at Micro Fence®

There have been a few improvements and additions to the Micro Fence® Catalog since the last newsletter. We hope you'll find them interesting and useful.


Left: Our Stop Collar Sets are now packaged with a 5/64th ball tip driver to facilitate easier adjustments when setting our Stop Collars. The sets are still offered at the same price of $29.95. For those that already have the Stop Collars, the driver can be purchased separately for $5.95.

Middle: For those that enjoy the smoothest possible feel in their tools, we've added these glass scale electronic calipers. Both imperial and metric scales are included with a high-contrast yellow background LCD readout.  $69.95

Right: New Digital Calipers display inch, metric and fractional readouts! We've been asked so many times whether our calipers had fractional capability, that we jumped at the chance to add these in 4", 6" and 12" varieties. $39.95; $49.95; & $69.95 respectively  (12" model shown).






Spring 2012 Gallery Spotlight



Our 1st spotlight this quarter is on Matt Furjanic. Matt joined us at the show in Charlotte, NC where he was demonstrating for a local woodworkers organization. He is the owner and creator of Inlay Banding, a small business that provides fellow woodworkers with ready-made inlay borders and bandings and inlay materials.  Precision cutting of raw inlay materials such as ebony, holly, or other woodstock is also available.  Matt also specializes in reproducing antique inlay bandings.

Product turn-over time is impressively quick.  He keeps an extensive stock of imported and domestic hardwoods on hand, and normally gets orders out the door in one or two days.  He's a one-man operation, so expect to speak with Matt directly.


"My bandings are far superior to most commercial bandings you will find on the market. Most of the commercial bandings are constructed from veneer. These bandings may have some veneer, primarily used for the outer stripes; although, the center components are constructed from solid, genuine hardwoods. The hardwoods are all hand-selected, choice pieces, and will be at least as good as the photographs. Solid wood allows for a better finish and superior appearance as the natural wood grain will be apparent. You will not see this grain with bandings constructed from veneer. The woods used are all select heartwood with no voids or flaws."  -Matt Furjanic

You may contact Matt from Inlay Banding at 704-221-2147 or by visiting his website at Inlaybanding.com.


Below are a few of Matt's pieces at Inlay Banding.




Our 2nd Gallery Spotlight this quarter is on Richard Babbit.   

Richard Babbitt

Richard, a licensed pilot with multi-engine, instrument, and commercial ratings, spent an exciting 27-year career selling private and corporate planes for Beech Aircraft.  Now retired in Friday Harbor, WA, he designs and builds furniture that has been featured in Fine Woodworking Magazine. 

Check out these articles written by Richard Babbitt that appeared in FWW: "Cope & Stick Tricks" -2011, and "Dial in Setup with a Height Guage" -2011


Last summer we featured a foyer table made by Richard. In response to questions we've received from other customers, Mr. Babbitt has honored us with a detailed description of his methods in an article entitled "Capture It" We think you'll find it both interesting and informative. It certainly showcases some ingenious use of the Micro Fence® System.


"Capture It",

written especially for our Micro Fence® community, by Richard Babbitt


                        Click on the photo below to see his fabrication process.  (link to picture)




Thoughts from our Micro Fence® Family Members


John Badowski, a Micro Fence® friend and customer sent us some comments regarding our products and service.  Take a look at what John B. has to say about his Micro Fence® experience...it's customers like this that make the challenge of producing the Micro Fence® worthwhile.


April 2012

Dear Micro Fence,


Just wanted to say "Thank You",

I have seen your website for more than a few years, and debated as to whether the Micro Fence® was all that it was cracked up to be.  After seeing a demonstration at the Baltimore wood show I decided to give it a try.

Wish I could find the words to say THANK YOU!  It is everything and more than what you described in your seminar.  It is truly easy to use, and even I, a fairly new hobby woodworker, am able to get great results.  Within 10-15 minutes of using it I was able to UNDERSTAND how to do router inlays which I have now done a few in the last two weeks.  I have also been able to do bow tie pattern inlays with precison that would rival the pro's....

Your products, their ease of use and especially your after market customer support have been more than I ever expected./em>

Since receiving and using the edge guide, I tried doing some pattern inlays and realized the other products I have been using fall short of giving depth guide precision when making my inlay cuts.  I will soon be ordering your plunge base to take care of this.

Many thanks for your help, expertise, and customer care after the sale.  I wish there were more companies like yours.

Please feel free to use these sincere comments and pass my contact information along to anyone who may want to inquire about you and your products.



John B.



If you have anything you would like to submit for use in our next issue, please send us an email at microfence@microfence.com.





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