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2012 Summer

In this Issue:

Summer Free Drawing

Summer Sale!

Words from Rich Wedler

The New Micro Plunge from Micro Fence®

New Formula Dyna Glide Plus

Gallery Spotlight

Upcoming Shows and Conferences

July 31st 8th Free Drawing

Our 9th Free Drawing closes on December 31, 2012. Enter now! 
*Please note only one entry per household and prior winners are not eligible to enter. 

Thank you to everyone who entered our 8th Free Drawing, (which ended 7/31/12) and....

Congratulations to Alan G. Hadesh, Ottawa Lake, MI, winner of the Plunge Base + Edge-Guide Package!

This current drawing will be for our award winning combination, the Plunge Base + Edge-Guide Package, which won the 2011 AWFS Sequoia Award.

We were particularly honored to be picked from an impressive field of entries as the leader in "Product Innovation" in the Power Tool category. You can select whether you want the Plunge Base + Edge-Guide Package OR the Plunge Base + Circle Jig Package. Both have a value of $599.95!

Any submissions on or after 7/31/12 will be included in this current drawing which closes on 12/31/12.

Click to Enlarge

(Now through September 30, 2012):
Take advantage of this exclusive offer and bring the Micro Fence system into your shop!
If you already have our Edge-Guide, now would be the time to add a second to fit another router.

Our Original on sale for $179.95
Normal Retail: $199.95 SAVE $20

Add any two accessories and receive 20% off on them as well
(online orders will reflect discount after orders are placed or call us at 800-480-6427)

ONGOING SUMMER SALE-3 WEEKS ONLY (through ): Aug. 21, 2012

NEW! Edge Guide + Circle (Small) Package on sale for $239.95
(Includes Edge-Guide, Stop Collar Set, and Center Bar & Levelers)
Purchased seperately: $269.95 SAVE $30

NEW! Edge Guide + Circle (Standard + Small) Package on sale for $429.95
(Includes Edge-Guide, Circle Jig Attachment, Stop Collar Set,
Stabilizer Bar and Center Bar & Levelers)
Purchased seperately: $459.95 SAVE $30

Vacuum Center Assembly on sale for $199.95
Normal Retail: $229.95 SAVE $30

Edge-Guide + Plunge Base on sale for $499.95
Purchased seperately: $599.95 SAVE $100

Pro-Plus Package on sale for $769.95 
Purchased seperately: $834.70 SAVE $65

Full System Package* on sale for $1799.95
(Everything Micro Fence makes, including the new Micro Stop!)
Normal Retail: $1999.95 SAVE $200
*Standard Ellipse

Shop online or call us at 800-480-6427

Words from Rich Wedler

Small companies like ours have had a pretty rough go for the last few years. The national conversation about our economy has become so tedious that most folks seem to have grown tired of it and adjusted to diminished incomes/ retirement accounts and life-styles as the new reality.

Interestingly, attendance at woodworking shows hasn't changed much...only the average expenditure level has dropped. This of course, makes participation at the shows more difficult. Costs keep rising and sales, though they've held reasonably well, have not grown.

We've managed to hang in mostly because of a principle my dad left me ...keep producing the highest quality you possibly can...those that prefer the best are usually the ones that find a way to have it, even in difficult times. Micro Fence still holds on to that belief. We're dedicated to building the very finest tools we can, and still produce every part of our product line here in southern California. To all our customers, both old and new, thanks for your support.

The New Micro Plunge Base from Micro Fence®

Call me crazy, but I've been building the Micro Fence® System for 20 years and for some reason I decided that I wanted to build another Plunge Base. Something with a smaller, more manageable footprint. Customers over the years have indicated that the 6" diameter base on our current Plunge is a little too large for some jobs especially for model-makers, instrument builders, model railroaders, doll-house builders and clock-makers.

I too have often wished for more portability and precision for jobs like installing door and cabinet hinges, architectural detailing, inlay work, picture frame building and specialty commissions, but never found the tools available for these functions to be suitably rigid or with the ability to produce truly measured results. Well, we figured that if our first Plunge Base effort could win the Sequoia Award, maybe we could build a smaller one targeted at a smaller task range of work!

Our new Micro Plunge Base is made to accept a number of different high speed rotary tools and pencil die grinders. When paired with a Dremel tool it offers the ultimate in stability with the benefit of micrometer control ( to .001"), for horizontal and vertical adjustments. Fit it with the new Dremel 8200 Cordless 12V and your rig is completely untethered! Add the Micro Fence Edge Guide and you have the most precise and compact routing combination in the world!

We're introducing the Micro Plunge at IWF this year (Aug. 22-25 in Atlanta) and will offer pre-production ordering at that time. If you're not attending the show you can reserve one through our office either by phone (800-480-6427) or email (microfence@microfence.com).

We chose a 4" diameter base and basically copied it's big brother in miniature. It's compatible of course, with the original Edge Guide/ Circle Jig and all other Micro Fence® Accessories, weighs in at about three pounds and offers more freedom than any rig I've ever seen. High-speed rotary tools generally accommodate 1/8" shank tools (and smaller). We've added an excellent variety of end mills as well as extended-shank types to our site.

Continue to check our website, www.microfence.com, for pricing information and availability.

New Formula Dyna Glide Plus

The New DynaGlide Plus:

Our friends at Dyna-Glide, Jim Akers and his son, have been working on a new dry lube spray that we figure deserves some recognition. We've long promoted the original Dyna Glide as the cleaner/lubricant of choice for use with our equipment. It's a non-staining "dry-film lubricant and conditioner" that we've used to clean and lube our Edge Guide, Circle Jig and Plunge Base for the last twenty years.

A conversation with Jim recently taught me that a new formula has been added to their line that brings a rust inhibitor into the mix. The test results that Jim relayed to me were most impressive. I can already tell you that Dynaglide has become indispensable in our shop here in California...we use it on the table-tops of table saw, jointer, planer and shaper, router sub-bases, cutting tools saw blades, band saw and everywhere we want to eliminate dirt, grime or drag. The rust-inhibitive capability of the new Dyna Glide Plus makes it an obvious choice...and there's no silicon to complicate your life with stains in the finishing process.

We'll be exhibiting the new formula in our booth at the IWF show in Atlanta this August and have the product avilable on our website shortly. 




Gallery Spotlight

This issue we are featuring an extremely talented woodworker, customer and friend

Michael Fortune.

Michael Fortune

I first met Michael about fifteen years ago when he was teaching at The Woodworking Shows. 
I remember his easy and unassuming manner when he came by our booth (we were exhibiting there). He made friendly conversation while his eyes scanned our display to see what we had to offer. It's always nice to have a customer that wants to purchase some of your wares, especially when you get the distinct impression that he knows exactly what he's going to do with them. Michael took home the Circle Jig that day and added the Ellipse Jig soon thereafter. Over the years we've had some pleasant dinners together while out at the shows, and we've stayed in touch. I've watched his exquisite craft continue to evolve...always precise, yet imaginative and sublimely creative. Since he first started using our system, he's been kind enough to endorse it to his many students. He's also added other elements (most recently our Plunge Base), and has continued to produce pieces that amaze. 

Since his career began 33 years ago, Fortune has become acclaimed for his innovative, but resolved designs for one-of-a-kind objects in wood, commissioned residential furnishings, and items in limited editions. His work has brought him an international clientele and reputation. He is acknowledged for both his technical and design expertise, giving lectures and workshops across Canada and the United States.

This is a laundry hamper, (a $6000.00 laundry hamper), built for a long time client in the west. The woods are two types of eucalyptus and the interior is birdseye maple, the top is upholstered. I've done all the furniture in his bedroom including a walk in closet. The inside/ outside vacu-forms and the forms for laminating the solid edging were done using the Micro Fence® Ellipse Jig.

This is a hall table for the same client. Its about 7' long. The woods are burled walnut, and steambent walnut from a huge salvaged urban tree, with ebony details. The arc on the top, the solid inlay and the edging forms were done with the Micro Fence® Circle Jig. The bending form layers for the steamboat walnut was cut with the same radius jig. The bent piece of the base was 2 1/2" x 4" x 106" long.

This is an ottoman/side tables(s) the tops flip over and are upholstered on the other side. The steambending form, the solid edging form and the shape of the top were done using the Micro Fence® Ellipse Jig.

This is a closer view of the above ottoman/ side table.

"Thanks again for making such outstanding products. They are simple to use, remain accurate forever (or at least so far!) the parts are interchangeable and they have allowed me to develop designs that would be time consuming and difficult to build without the help of the various components in the comprehensive Micro Fence® System."


Do you want to see your work showcased in our Gallery Spotlight? Contact us at microfence@microfence.com!

Upcoming Shows and Conferences

                 PASADENA, CALIFORNIA : OCTOBER 12-14, 2012


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