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2014 Summer

In This Issue
A Few Words From Richard Wedler
Gallery Spotlight
What's New @ Micro Fence
Tips and Techniques
Summer Sale
Show Schedule

A Few Words From Richard Wedler

"It was a particularly rigorous travel schedule for Micro Fence this past year with twelve consecutive weekly shows running from early January until the end of March. Though tiring, the tour proved to be rewarding and actually enjoyable.
The rejuvenated Woodworking Shows tour is under new management, which has brought new life to them. Featuring expanded education opportunities and a very enthusiastic spirit, I think we'll see an increasing popularity over the next few years. In the 20+ years we've marketed Micro Fence, the current show ownership has provided the most supportive and cooperative energy I've ever experienced. What that means is a more fulfilling show experience for the attendees. No longer just a "swap meet" atmosphere where one goes to find bargain prices, the wide range of the show's workshops and education programs can empower those that want to improve their skills". -Rich
What's New At Micro Fence

We plan on shooting a number of videos this summer that will be the beginning of a Micro Fence techniques video library. In our last newsletter, we wrote about a new overview DVD. We are hoping that will be completed by the end of the summer and be ready for distribution at the start of the 2014 -2015 show season. We also plan to make a series of technique videos for our website as time and expense permit. Rich, with his long career in woodworking, will be able to show you some valuable techniques you can add to your woodworking skills.

The Makita RT0701C trim router is now among those that can be fitted in our Plunge Base. We've also designed a new Sub-Base Assembly so that our Edge Guide or Circle Jig can be mounted on it.

Our new Sub-Base Assembly provides points of attachment for our Edge Guide or Circle Jig

An adaptor ring allows the RT0701C to fit in our Plunge Base.

Our friend from the Woodworking Shows, Dick Rhodes, introduced his new track system for circular saws a couple of years ago. Called the True Trac, the system features extremely rigid extrusions that can be joined together to accommodate larger dimensioned work. We've teamed up to provide an Interface for routers which is shown below.

You'll be seeing this combination later this year at the Woodworking Shows.

Check out the video that George Vondriska, from Woodworker's Guild of America, made using the Micro Fence Edge Guide for "Precision Dadoes & Grooves" by clicking on the picture below.

Tips and Techniques

In this new section, Rich will show you some tips and techniques on how to better use your Micro Fence system. This time it will focus on checking parallel alignment of the guide shafts on your Micro Fence Edge-Guide (or Circle Jig), to insure smooth travel when setting up your job.

The guide shafts must be parallel to one another in both horizontal and vertical planes (see the picture below). Test the vertical alignment by simply placing the mounting bar and guide shaft assembly on a smooth, flat surface (a table saw, jointer bed, granite block, etc.), and tap lightly on the end of each guide shaft with the tip of your finger. Any motion indicates a misalignment that will adversely affect the way in which the shafts slide through the body and spindle bar.

Apply pressure to the guide shaft in the appropriate direction to correct the misalignment and re-test on the flat surface. Pay special attention to insure that the re-adjustments have not loosened the shafts in the mounting bar. If necessary, re-tighten using the rubber pad and either your fingers or pliers to achieve firm tightness.

The horizontal alignment can be checked visually by simply installing the guide shafts in the main body of the Micro Fence. They should slide into the Delrin bushings without deflection, and pass on through the appropriate holes in the spindle bar without significant resistance. Fluid motion should be checked by sliding the guide shaft/mounting bar assembly back and forth a few times. Be sure to tighten all threaded parts securely. A loose guide shaft will compromise the rigidity of your edge guide. This holds true for the mounting pins as well.

Keep all threaded parts firmly seated. We supply a small rubber pad with every Micro Fence so that pliers can be used to lock the threaded components down with a little tweak without danger of scratching the stainless steel rods or pins. In addition, be sure to keep all moving parts of the Micro Fence clean and lubricated with our Dynaglide Plus formula. It is specially made for both wooden and metallic surfaces. Click on the picture to go to our Dynaglide page.

"Summer of Savings" Sale

 Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the special code to get the discount on orders over $100 on all Micro Fence products.

Show Schedule

The show season is over for now. The last show we were going to attend was in Houston, TX as part of The Woodworking Shows, but it was postponed. The new dates for that show are October 17th through the 19th, 2014. We hope to see you there. We will also be attending the International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta, Georgia from August 20th to the 23rd, 2014, as well as the Woodworking in America Show in Winston-Salem, NC on September 12th through the 14th, 2014. More details on these shows will be available soon on our site.

Want to keep up with Micro Fence and see where we will be going to next? Click Here to visit our Show Schedule.

Check our website periodically for new products, sales, and discount information. Discounts offered here are exclusive to our newsletter subscribers.
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