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2015 Summer


In This Issue
A Few Words From Richard Wedler
Woodworker's Spotlight
What's New @ Micro Fence
Tips and Techniques
Show & Seminar Schedule
Summer Sale


A Few Words From Richard Wedler

I've been marketing our Micro Fence System for twenty-two years now at woodworking shows, on our website and through third-party sellers and have been very proud of the fact that we've never had a single instance of a customer failing to pay us. Now and then we'll have a credit card that is temporarily "Declined", but every time, our customers have stepped up and made good... quite a record... I think it speaks to the quality of character inherent among woodworkers in general.

Well, our spotless record has been tarnished. For the very first time, we've been duped by a customer. On May 26th, a fellow named Shawn Mason from Rockford, IL placed an order on our website for a Plunge Base, an Edge Guide, a Circle Jig, Ellipse Jig and a number of other accessories...an order totaling just about $1400. He indicated that he'd be paying through PayPal. Now summer is typically a slow season for us and we were delighted to see the order, so since everything was good in stock and because we'd never had a problem with PayPal, we shipped the order the next day (UPS reports they delivered the package a few days later and that Mr. Mason signed for it).

At some point during the delivery period, the PayPal payment was cancelled by the customer. I called and left a message on his answer machine, and sent an email requesting an alternative method of payment. I waited a day or two and called back to the same number only to find that calls from our telephone number had been blocked at the request of Mr. Mason. We've followed up with a certified letter which so far, the Post Office has been unable to deliver... the next step will be a legal filing and follow up letter from our attorney.

It's a shame, but given this experience we've changed our policy regarding orders using the PayPal method of payment. Nothing will be shipped until monies have been deposited in our account and we've been notified by our bank. This may cause longer shipping times on PayPal orders, but I'm afraid that it's a necessary precaution. 

On a lighter, brighter note, our Woodworker's Spotlight and our Tips & Techniques features below are filled with good news and information..


What's New At Micro Fence

New ideas and items are always coming to the Micro Fence System. Keep up with all of our products by visiting us on our website Microfence.com. You'll find all our latest products on the "What's New" page as well as new developments and sale announcements. Click Here to go to the "What's New" page.


We recently had the need to put together a "commercial" for the Micro Fence System which we've included here. It's simply a brief overview of some of our more popular products put together from video clips which can be found on our website Video page. Clicking on the video will open the newsletter on your web browser where you can still enjoy it and watch the video. P.S. That's Rich and some of his  musician friends playing the background track on the video.


Customer feedback is always welcomed at Micro Fence. Recently a customer of ours posted on the Festool Owners Group forum that we didn't carry a mounting bar for his router. He said, "For the best jig to not fit the best router is simply aggravating... So just a warning to Festool users. If you are thinking of using the best on the market router, (OF 2200) with the best router jig on the market, (the Micro Fence System), you can't without a whole lot of trouble".

To clarify, we had run out of stock when he called to order and based on the item's sales history, were evaluating whether or not to continue making it. We noted his aggravation and have restocked the item, so the mounting bar for the Festool OF 2200 is again available. Select it when buying a mounting bar, circle jig, or edge guide.

Thanks to "Dovetail65" for pointing out the error of our ways...perhaps you can post that we listened and the problem has been corrected.

Are you on Facebook? Make sure to like us on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/microfence


Tips and Techniques

In this edition of "Tips and Techniques", we will feature the work of Joe McGlynn of Scotts Valley, California. He recently created a Blacker House Table from the Greene & Greene tradition and did some inlay work on it with our Micro Plunge Base. The following pictures show a brief outline of his work. A complete description of his techniques can be seen on his website using the click point at the end of this article. Thanks to Joe for sharing his experience with us.

Joe started by laying out the design in CAD (Seen at the top of the pic). He labeled all of the petals in the CAD drawing and printed out three copies. Two of them were cut to glue on to the abalone blanks, and the third was used as a reference to trace the layout on the wood workpiece.

He made an outline of the flower on a table with transfer paper. To layout the petals, Joe glued the shell cut-outs in place, using the CAD drawing as a rough positioning guide. He then traced around each piece of shell using a scalpel. The incised line gave him an accurate line to route up to.

A close-up shot of the petal cut-outs that were made before. You can see the outlines that were created with the scalpel.

This is the Micro Plunge Base with a Foredom 44T that he used for the inlay work.

All of the routing was done freehand with 1/16″ and 1/32″ carbide bits.

The shell, silver, and copper are all super-glued in place. Then, using sandpaper blocks and a file, the pieces are worked to remove the excess glue and to make them flush to the work surface.

The finished inlay after all the glue is cleaned up and leveled to the surface.

The finished table top with the inlay.

The finished Blacker Table.

To see more of Joe McGlynn's work, Please visit his website at www.mcglynnonmaking.com.

Want to show us some of the tips or techniques that you use? Send them to us at microfence@microfence.com


Show & Seminar Schedule

Looking forward to the 2015-2016 season of the Woodworking Shows...though that schedule has yet to be announced. We'll be posting it on our website as soon as we are notified.

Would you like to keep up with Micro Fence and see where we will be going to next? Click Here to visit our Show Schedule.


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