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Customer Solutions

Customer Solutions and Innovations

Many of our customers send us their innovative uses of our Micro Fence System.


Modified Router Base Place - Dick Babbitt


(Click on picture for bigger image)

Attached are a few photos of the modified router base plates as we discussed. If using a P C bushing combined with a template to create an inside route with a downcut bit, dust collection is vastly improved.

I drilled two 3/8" holes positioned 3/8" from the bushing hole. I did likewise on the black base plate. It is important to position the holes in line with the two edge lines on the respective bases. If using the base plate of either the circle or ellipse jig to create a 1/8" downcut route for stringing, one hole will be blocked, however, the trailing hole will always be open and the high velocity air created by the vacuum will totally cleanse the routed material.

I hope this is of assistance and good luck selling.


Dick Babbitt


Flooring Medallion Inlay - Avi Hadad

(Click on picture for bigger image)

Here are a few photos of a floor I am working on these days. Thanks to your products, my life is much easier, though I do need to get the hang of moving that vacuum center around without popping out the ring. I doubt that I will ever go back to using the pivoting pin after this.

I will send you more soon, once I get the interesting stuff inlaid.

Avi Hadad, CR, CSF, CI
Avi's Hardwood Floors, Inc.


Jewelry Box - Peter Howell

(Click on picture for bigger image)

Attached are photos of the line and berry jewelry box I made using a Bosch Colt router, the Microfence plunge base and small circle cutting attachment. The box is about 18” long, 12” wide and 6” tall and is made of Walnut. The lines are made of holly and the berries are cherry, maple and padauk. The design was drawn onto the lid and the centers of each circle or arc where marked. Small holes were drilled at each center and used as the pivot point when using the small circle cutting jig. A five blade pinwheel is very difficult to layout. Most people make only four blades and that is what is suggested for all but the most experienced woodworkers. The arcs are cut using a 3/64” diameter spiral router bit and the grooves are 1/16” deep. The finish is one coat of Watco clear and four coats of clear Briwax. The holes that were drilled for the pivot pin were filled with a dark brown crayon after completing the finish. They are nearly invisible.

Peter Howell

Treasurer & Workshop Director

Valley Woodworkers of West Virginia


Innovative Stop Clamp Use - Rutager West

(Click on picture for bigger image)

Our friend and customer Rutager West found an innovative use for our Stop Clamps. While making bridle joints, he positioned one of the clamps to act as a guide for his chisel to square the end of a routed cut for his mortise. Routing to a comfortable depth from both sides of the stock, he then used a miter saw to connect the two routed cuts and chiseled out the material left in between to achieve the through mortise. The Stop Clamps helped to align the chisel cuts in a perfectly perpendicular and square posture.


Innovative Micro Stop Use - John Piwaron

(Click on picture for bigger image)

I added the micro fence to my router table yesterday. My idea is to use it for those times I need small adjustments either for correcting a fit or making a duplicate part.

John Piwaron
Milwaukee, WI

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