PHOTO GALLERY | Richard Wedler's Custom TV Lift Cabinet
Description For the past few months, Rich has been working on a commission for two walnut pieces based on the "Buddha Cabinet" style that was featured in last summer's newsletter (see first photo below). The clients apparently liked that result so much, that they ordered two companion pieces that will reside in the same room with the Buddha... one is an art storage/bookcase cabinet doubling as an art display surface that will sit behind the living-room sofa. The other is a television lift cabinet/bookcase for the new 65" 4K Sony flat screen TV.
Materials Black Walnut

The original Buddha Cabinet.

For the new cabinets, the first order of business was to create the end panels for both using through-mortise joinery. The front and rear rails were doweled through the tenons for strength.

The above shows the cabinet shell on the bench lying on it's back. You can see the box for the base of the lift stand clamped on the bottom to accommodate the telescoping lift by Auton (here in Southern California). The face-frame stock is milled with the bead and then mitred to provide the continuous bead around the door and end panel cavities.

The well for the television is built in to the casework so that the interior in front of the TV can be used as a bookshelf.

Viewed from the top, you can see the slotted top frame that serves both as the reveal under the pagoda-style top and provides a method for attaching the solid walnut top (steel clips are screwed into the top with ears that sip into the slot in the top frame). The evenly-spaced half-round cutouts are drilled as a single 2" hole in the center of 4 1/2" stock and then cut in half to create both sides of the frame. (The temporary stretcher inboard of the second set of half-round cut-outs was removed before installing the telescoping lift).

The TV lift cabinet on the bench shows the end panels with through-mortise joints and top-frame reveal. In the background you can see both the 65" television and the Art Storage cabinet.

The Art Storage Cabinet takes it's turn on the bench (sans hardware).

The left two door panels are joined to become a huge pendaflex-type pull-out drawer to accommodate the clients collection of leather art-folio books. Two pairs of full-extension drawer slides, and adjustable glides mortised into the bottom of the legs provide easy sliding.

The lift cabinet showing the TV installed and beginning it's ascending cycle on the lift.

Both cabinets with their respective hardware ready to go off to the finisher. They'll receive a natural oil and hand-rubbed wax finish to match the original Buddha cabinet that inspired the commission.
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