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Recent News

November 18, 2016

Light Ring Battery Pack

We have now developed a battery option that allows the Light Ring to operate with a 9V battery, making the use of cordless motors a truly "untethered" set-up. This accessory includes a fabric pouch with a velcro back that fits a 9V battery, the battery itself, a 12" velcro strap that wraps around a trimmer or high-speed rotary tool motor to attach the battery pouch to, and a 5" patch cord with right-angle connector that plugs into the Light Ring's power jack...everything you'll need to provide a "cordless" power source for either of our Light Rings.

Click on the image for more details.


August 4, 2016

At long last, our light rings are available for both of our Plunge Bases! We've been working on these ever since the miniature LED lights we used to offer were discontinued. The solution to our problem is a printed circuit board light ring that features six LED lights that bathe the work area with the most brilliant light  in the industry. Suggested and co-developed with our customer and friend Frank Garcia, these little gems will provide virtually shadow-free illumination like you've never seen on a woodworking tool before...and without the need for batteries! Click on the photo below for more details.

July 19, 2016

New Product Announcement

We recently began carrying a new item from True Position Tools, the Cabinet Light Installation Jig. Check it out by clicking on the picture below.

July 9, 2016

360Woodworking.com Interview

We recently did an interview over on 360woodworking.com with our friends Chuck and Glen. Check it out by clicking on the picture below. 

April 27, 2016


The LED lights that we supply with our plunge bases have been discountined by their manufacturer and we shipped out the last of our inventories today. We are working on a solution for this problem and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We are in search of a new LED light source that will be battery-powered and are also working on a second solution that will offer a twelve volt light source as well. We will be announcing the arrival of either or both solutions in the very near future. As of April 27 however, our Plunge Bases will not include the LED light sources that they've previously included. The LED batteries (AG5) will still be sold through our website.

October 14, 2015

New Product Announcement

 We recently started to carry a new router bit from Whiteside, The "Ultimate" Flush Trim/Pattern router bits. Check them out by clicking on the picture below.

August 26, 2015

New Page Announcement

 We have added a new page to our site all about Social Media. This page brings together all of the different sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) that Micro Fence has a presence on. Click Here to check it out and give us a like.

June 3, 2015

Customer Feedback

 Recently a customer of ours posted on a forum for Festool owners complaining that we didn't carry a mounting bar for his router. We noted his aggravation and have restocked the item, so the mounting bar for the Festool OF 2200 is once again available. Select it when buying a mounting bar, circle jig, or edge guide.

Back in Stock!

October 1, 2014

New Product Announcement

Keep your tools opertaing at peak performance with our new  Maintenance Kit. Click on the picture below for more informarion.

September 4, 2014

New Product Announcement

 Micro Fence has just released a new product for the Micro Plunge Base, The Template Guide Bushing 1/8" Centering Pin. Click on the picture below for more informarion.  

August 26, 2014

International Woodworking Fair 2014

Chris Marshall, from Woodworker's Journal, stopped by our booth at this year's IWF show to see what was new at Micro Fence. Click here to see the video. (Please excuse the din of the Onsrud dust collector which ran constantly across the aisle from us.)

June 25, 2014 

New Product Announcement

We are introducing a new router interface for the True Trac system. Tru Trac offers an extremely rigid extrusions that can be joined together to accommodate larger dimensioned work. Click on the picture for more details.

October 12, 2013

New Product Announcement

 We are introducing our new Inboard Levelers, exclusive to our Micro Plunge Base. Click on image for more description.


The New Micro Plunge Base                                        Now Shipping!

Our new Micro Plunge Base is made to accept a number of different high speed rotary tools and pencil die-grinders. When paired with a Dremel tool or Proxxon, it offers the ultimate in stability with the benefit of micrometer control ( to .001"), for  vertical adjustments. Fit it with the new Dremel 8220 Cordless 12V and your rig is completely untethered! Add the Micro Fence Edge Guide or Circle Jig and you have the most precise and compact routing combination in the world with both horizontal and vertical measurement in thousandths!


Dremel 8200

We'd like to thank all of you who have purchased Micro Fence products at the Woodworking Shows this year for your patience  and support!!!  We hope you'll enjoy your tools.

 New Post: 4/28/13

We can now accomodate the Foredom 44T handpieces with the Micro Plunge.


 New Post: 6/25/14

We can now accomodate the Makita Makita RT0701C trim router with with our Edge-Guide and 3-Axis Mill Plunge Base



New Formula Dyna-Glide Plus

Our friends at Dyna-Glide, Jim Akers and his son have been working on a new dry lube spray that we figure deserves some recognition. We've long promoted the original Dyna Glide as the cleaner/lubricant of choice for use with our equipment. It's a non-staining "dry-film lubricant and conditioner" that we've used to clean and lube our Edge Guide, Circle Jig and Plunge Base for the last twenty years.

A conversation with Jim recently taught me that a new formula has been added to their line that brings a rust inhibitor into the mix. The test results that Jim relayed to me were most impressive. I can already tell you that Dynaglide has become indispensible in our shop here in California...we use it on the table-tops of table saw, jointer, planer and shaper, router sub-bases, cutting tools saw blades, band saw and everywhere we want to eliminate dirt, grime or drag. The rust-inhibitive capability of the new Dyna Glide Plus makes it an obvious choice...and there's no silicon or teflon to complicate your life with stains or "fish-eyes" in the finishing process.


Winner of the AWFS 2011 Sequoia Award!

Click photo to enlarge.

We are very proud to announce that our Plunge Base and Edge-Guide Combination Package won the AWFS 2011 Sequoia Award for Leadership in Product Innovation in the Power Tools category!

Thank you to all our customers and friends who stopped by the booth to congratulate us, and if you are interested in learning more about this package, click here.

New Canadian Distributor

We are happy to announce that we now have a Canadian distributor. We'd like to welcome our friend Dan Clermont to the Micro Fence® family! You can contact him at:

Ultimate Tool Supply
#102 3737 2nd Ave.
Burnaby, BC V5C 3W6
Tel: 604-291-WOOD (9663)

We now fit the Dewalt D22670
In our effort to fit every router on the market, we have added another router to our list. We've completed the design and manufacture of the Sub-Base Assembly so that our Edge Guide can be used on the DeWalt D22670 Compact Router/Laminate Trimmer. The Sub-Base Assembly is now included in your purchase price when you buy your Edge-Guide (you'll see an asterisk next to it in the drop down box). If you already own an Edge-Guide and want to use it with the D22670, click here to purchase your Sub-Base Assembly (and don't forget the Model A Mounting Bar option if you don't already have one).
Two New Product Offerings!

Whiteside Brass Inlay Bit Kit

Whiteside's Brass Inlay kit allows you to make perfect fitting inlays for decoration or repairs.he kit inludes a special centering pin to insure exact alignment with router spindle. Also includes a 1/8 inch solid carbide spiral router bit.Only $49.95...click here to learn more.

Chipbreaker Bits

These Chipbreaker Spiral Bits by Onsrud all have a 1/2" shank and 1/2" Cutting Diameter. They offer much faster feed rates than conventional two-flute bits and provide a very smooth finish in hardwoods and composites (MDF).To learn more, click here!

Interface Essentials Package

In response to customers who are interested in our Interfaces, but who don't need the circle-cutting capabilities of our Circle Jig, we've put together this Interface Essentials Package at a new, lower price. The great thing is, if you decide later that you do want circle-cutting capabilities, all you have to buy is the Interface Essentials Upgrade!

We now fit the Dewalt 611!

We've recently completed the design and manufacture of the Mounting Bars so that our Edge Guide can be used on the new DeWalt 611 'Compact Router Kit' (D26200 in the UK). Their Plunge Base has two positions in which an edge guide can be used, one in line with the handles and one perpendicular to them. Our Mounting Bar can accommodate either posture and comes with the appropriate mounting pins and screws to fit the 611 right out of the box.

The 611 Combo Kit also comes with a fixed base which has no holes for an edge guide. To allow the use of the Micro Fence on the fixed base, we've developed a Sub-Base Assembly that replaces the factory plasic base and provides two posts that are cross-drilled to accept the same above-mentioned mounting bar. (Three birds with one stone).

We've also designed and manufactured an Adapter Ring so that the DW 611 motor can be used in our Plunge Base.

Plunge Base Adapter Ring for PC 310

We have recently designed and manufactured an Adapter Ring for the Porter Cable 310 trimmer motor to be used in our Plunge Base. Starting  Aug. 1, 2010, we will be making a single model of motor carriage that accepts the Bosch PR20 directly (no adapter ring or cup necessary). All other trimmer motors will require an adapter. When ordering the Plunge Base, simply select the model of your trimmer from the drop-down box. If ordering for any motor other than the PR20, add the appropriate Adapter Ring (also chosen from a drop-down box) on the Plunge Base Accessories/Adapter Ring page.

Interview with Rich!

Woodworker's Journal  recently interviewed Rich for an article that's just been published in their ezine.Contributing Editor Chris Marshall wrote the article entitled Industry Interview:  "Plunge Trim Routers? It's Old Hat for Micro Fence." You can click on the title above  to view the article at WWJ. Be sure to run your mouse over the pictures to see them enlarge!

NEW Plunge Base Available in Metric Version

In response to several of our customers in Australia, Canada, Europe and the UK, we are pleased to announce that a metric version of our Plunge Base is now available; a perfect complement to our Metric Edge-Guide. Simply type "metric" in the comments at checkout.

The metric dial offers 1/20th-of-a-millimeter graduations (one millimeter per complete turn).

Plunge Base Accessory: Template Guide Bushing Precision Sub-Base

Our friend Pat Warner has been making our Plunge Base's acrylic sub-bases since we came out with it in 2006. He's developed a new precision sub-base for template guide bushing applications which we're now offering as an accessory. It features counter-bored holes that allow for minor adjustment when aligning the guide bushings and cutter. Available by itself and in a kit which in includes our Precision Template Guide Bushing Kit complete with a beautifully etched walnut storage case.

Great Blog by Dan Antion: Cut, Fit, Repeat

Our customer Dan Antion purchased an Edge-Guide back in January and was kind enough to post a blog that chronicled a portion of his project. Thanks for sharing with us Dan! To read the blog, click here. To open a downloadable version, click here.

All-In-One Contractor Clamps

All-In-One Contractor Clamp! Expertly engineered, this model is ultra rigid and also ultra light. Don't forget your Micro Fence Clamp Interface specifically designed for the Contractor Clamp. To see all our Clamps & Interfaces, click here! Available in the most popular three sizes 24”, 50” and 99”.

The Micro Stop is Here!

Be one of the first to try our brand new Micro Stop! Designed specifically for use with table saw cross slides, the Micro Stop will also improve set-up control on the chop box, band saw, shaper and router table fences, sanding machines, doweling and mortising machines or anywhere you want to add micrometer adjustment.We are also carrying a Micro Stop Package with a few extras. Click here for more information!



We recently had a visit from our friends at MasterGage and were so excited about their products that we started offering them on our website. We've uploaded some great new photos so click here to check out MasterGage.

To see a MasterGage Overview, click here.

Long Reach Bits Now Available

In addition to our popular Micro Bit Kit we have now added a Long Reach Micro Bit Kit. These longer miniature end mills (2 1/2" overall length) are great for hand-held routing because they increase headroom and visiblity that is so limited when using normal 1/8" shank bits. Click here to learn more!

"What Micro Fence Does" Page

We are working on our site daily and we have recently added a page entitled MF Does All This. Soon we will have it linked up to our Tips & Tricks page for an even better understanding of all the things you can do with the Micro Fence System.

Educational Page on Cutting Large Radii

We have just posted a great page on cutting large radii with our Circle Jig; take a look at Rich's projects.

Magazine Reviews on Micro Fence Vacuum Clamps

We have a new section under Magazine Reviews on our Vacuum Clamps. Click here to read the latest articles!

Replacement Parts Now Available

You may have noticed a new product category entitled "Replacement Parts." You can now order lost or missing parts online! A very important note about ordering replacement parts online: we normally ship all replacement parts via parcel post at a discounted rate, but your cart will reflect the standard shipping charge. Don't worry, we will adjust the rate before charging your credit card. We have also added quite a few new Replacement Parts, so if you are in need of something that rolled away under your work bench you can find it here.

Take a Look at Some of Our Great Accessories!
While we have been building our new site, we have been busy adding new products to our inventory (with many more coming soon). Take a look!
Gauge Blocks are available in two sizes for setting depth of cut. Kits include 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2".
This Micro Bit Kit is great for the finest of string inlays, model making and miniatures!
Mini Dovetail Bits are solid carbide and available in 1/8" and 1/4".
Vacuum Clamp System can hold piece work with amazing strength! Vacuum source can be our Vacuum Center Assembly or your own vacuum pump!
Mounting Bar Now Available for the Festool  MFK 700 EQ Trim Router

The MFK 700 EQ from Festool utilizes multiple bases for use in vertical or horizontal postures, along with plenty of power, variable speed, and dust collection. The elongated base and off-set handle offer unusual stability and control. Add the Micro Fence's measurement and you have a significant advantage in a wide range of tasks.

We Now Fit the Festool 2200!

The Model OF 2200 EB router from Festool features a powerful 15 amp. motor and linear bearing plunge mechanism. Weighing in at 17.2 lbs., it offers an impressive stability for even the heaviest of router applications. Although there are many well-thought-out features, we particularly appreciate the single locking thumbscrew that holds the edge-guide in place.

Whiteside Machine Router Bits Now Available!

Micro Fence is a now a proud distributor of Whiteside Machine Co. Router Bits. Whiteside produces a complete line of solid carbide and carbide tipped router bits.
Click here for the Whiteside Catalog
Click here for the Whiteside Pricing Guide

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True Position Drill Guide Now Available

In our tradition of providing our customers with high quality tools that provide high performance and accuracy, Micro Fence is now carrying the True Position Drill Guide by Precision Casewerk. This lightweight yet durable drill guide dramatically reduces set-up time for the installation of hardware or adjustable shelving. Click here for details.

New All-Inclusive Bit Kits On Sale Now!
Our greatly expanded Router Bit Catalog includes some great buys. We are happy to announce that we are now selling both Basic and Complete Inlay Kits and Mortising Bit Kits, and we are offering three sized Fluting Bit Kits. We are also carrying a fantastic Micro Bit Kit (including a long reach version), and we can order any bit individually! We have every size you could ever want!

Click here to see our Router Bit Collection!

The ALL-IN-ONE CLAMP is Now in Stock!

Micro Fence is now carrying the All-in-One Clamps from E.Emerson Tool Co.. We now distribute these versatile extruded clamps in a variety of models and sizes ranging from 12" to 8'.

Our Universal Router Plate and our Circle Jig are used together in various Interface Packages to add Micro Fence's fine adjustment capability with these, (as well as the Tru-Grip and Festool Tool Guides), for dadoing, rabbeting, and straightening operations.

Click here for Single Clamps
Click here for Ultra Clamps

The All-In-One Clamp Interface

This will allow your Micro Fence to work in conjunction with the All-In-One series of clamps, to produce micrometer adjusted dadoes anywhere on a work surface or to straighten irregular edges. Again, this is an accessory to the Circle Jig  (Does not include the Clamp).

Popular Woodworking's December issue - Best New Tool of 2006

We were pleasantly surprised when this honor came our way from the fine folks at Popular Woodworking. The accompanying article which you can read by clicking here contains more than one quote we'd be proud to repeat. Chances are good you'll be seeing some of them in our advertising in the coming months! You can visit their website at www.popularwoodworking.com.


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