Spring 2022 Newsletter

A Preview of our Upcoming Video

For just short of thirty years now, we’ve experienced every conceivable comment imaginable concerning the price point of our tools. To help explain our pricing, we set aside some time throughout 2021 to film and document the manufacturing process that goes into making some of our products. We’ve begun editing all the footage together into a video that will likely be over 20 minutes long when it’s all said and done. For now, we’d like to give you a much shorter (2 minute) sneak-peek of what you can look forward to. By the way, the music is courtesy of Rich and his friends (the Woodshop Band) recorded a couple of years ago in Los Angeles.

Folding / Rocking Deck Chair

A client came into my shop back in the 80’s with a severely weathered and deteriorated deck chair she’d come into possession of that she wanted to reconstruct and contemporize. It was apparently originally made in the early 1900’s somewhere in New England. After a ‘mock up’ model to confirm the mechanical integrity of the original design, I settled on hard maple for the material both for its appearance and durability. Intrigued by the concept of the piece, I decided to make two chairs and built both at the same time. Currently, some forty years later, on my copy of the chair, the sling seat has been replaced and the maple, now pleasantly seasoned and colored, was steel-wool cleaned for these photos. The stretcher detail, inspired by Greene & Greene was also added. -RW

Folding / Rocking Deck Chair video on Vimeo

(Music courtesy of Jerry Garcia & David Grisman
performing That Old Rocking Chair by Hoagy Carmichael)

What’s New at Micro Fence

We recently made another batch of our customized Micro Stops for Infinity Tools’ router table fence, and well… we just like showing off how good our tools look.

Infinity Tools 1
Infinity Tools 2

Customer Spotlight: Eric Anderson

Meet our customer Eric Anderson of Rockport, Maine. It’s always gratifying to see our tools being used to help achieve beautiful and creative results. Eric has sent photos of some of the projects he’s built in the last few years and we thought you might appreciate seeing some of the skilled craftsmanship he’s developed.

“Amazing! I only wish I had this tool decades ago. So many window casings, doors, mirrors I laid out by hand using templates and homemade compasses. Those days are over! I'll use my Micro Fence. Thank you.”
-Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson's Work 1

“I had to make the casing for the inside and outside. I really wish I had your Circle Jig to make it! It was a lot of work!”
-Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson's Work 2
Eric Anderson's Work 3

“I have to say that marking out and cutting the ellipse was incredibly easy using the Micro Fence system.”
-Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson's Work 4
Eric Anderson's Work 5
Eric Anderson's Work 6
Eric Anderson's Work 7

“The Micro Fence can really dial it in. The inlay I made was actually 7/64" wide. Since I didn’t have that width router bit, I made a first pass with a 1/16" bit and dialed it out approximately .040" to make the wider groove and it fit like glove.”
-Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson's Work 8
Eric Anderson's Work 9
Eric Anderson's Work 10