Summer Newsletter 2018

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A Few Words From Rich
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What's New at Micro Fence
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Woodworkers Spotlight on Guy Dunlap
A Few Words From Rich
The summers here in Los Angeles seem to be getting markedly hotter as the years go by. I first moved here in 1969, coming from northern Ohio by way of Chicago and like most people I know, was charmed by the mild winter temperatures, sunny weather and hilly (mountainous), terrain. Last week the windshield temperature on my car read 119 degrees and I'm wondering what's in store for the next decade or so?

Stuck inside in air conditioning, I've taken on the challenging task of up-dating and improving the video content on our website. The first of these updates, about our Interface Packages, is included below for you to preview. Any feedback would be appreciated. In addition to updating our product videos, we're also planning to add more 'how to' videos that can help you get the most out of our tools. This newsletter's spotlight focuses on Guy Dunlap of Indianapolis who produces high quality woodworking videos that detail his craftsmanship, methods and techniques. Check out our Spotlight below.

We'll be exhibiting at the 2018 IWF show this August where I hope to see some familiar faces. My first IWF was in '94 where I met so many woodworkers and magazine writers that I still think of as friends today... the shows were exciting back then when the future of Micro Fence was unknown and possibilities seemed endless. 

Well, we're still here and ready to celebrate our 25th anniversary next year in 2019. Thanks to all of you who've supported the brand and encouraged us for all these years. There's still plenty of gas in the tank and I'm looking forward to a good many more years of designing and making tools.
Summer Subscriber Specials
There are a number of items currently on sale which you'll find on our 'Package Deals' page and the 'Featured Products' on our Home page.. As a subscriber to this newsletter you can add to your savings by entering the coupon "Summer18" at checkout for an additional 5% off any item already on sale. This offer will be honored until July 31st, 2018.
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We also have a few 'Scratch & Dent' Edge Guides available for sale at the discounted price of $179.95 ($50 off), that function perfectly, but have minor cosmetic flaws. (Please call regarding availability). If you already own a Micro Fence Edge Guide, it's a great opportunity to fit a second router to add to your routing kit. There are also one or two of our original Plunge Bases that have minor defects that we're marking down to $349.95 ($50 off)! They'll be available on a first-come, first-served basis until they're gone.
What's New at Micro Fence
In an attempt to improve the video content on our website, we've begun a project to re-shoot any clips that have become out-dated and to generally improve the information presented in all of them. One of the first that we wanted to refresh was the Interface Package video. These accessories have prompted more questions from prospective customers than any other tool in our line because they are are used primarily for straight-line applications, even though they require a portion of our Circle Jig to perform.

This new video should clear up these questions. Hopefully, you'll find this new video more informative and certainly more current with regard to the package options that we offer and the extrusions that we can currently fit. Click the picture below to watch it.

P.S. The soundtrack includes music from a recent recording of our Woodshop Band.
Free Drawing
This summer's Free Drawing will be for our Vacuum Center Assembly (a $229 value), and will be drawn just after Labor Day on September 4th. All subscribers on record prior to Sept.4th, 2018 will be eligible and automatically entered in the drawing.

Our Vacuum Center operates on compressed air and features a push-button on/off control for easy and accurate set-up capability. You can find more information on our website.
If you're not sure that you are signed up, you can do so here.
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Show Schedule
We'll be heading to Atlanta for this year's IWF show at the Georgia Congress Center
that is open from August 22 through the 26th. The IWF is the largest show in North America and features the latest in woodworking equipment and supplies. This is the one and only show we have scheduled this year and if you plan to attend, you're invited to stop by Booth 1867 in Hall C and say hello. We'll be showing our full line of tools and featuring a few discounted 'Show Specials'.

285 Andrew Young International Blvd NW, Atlanta, GA 30313
Woodworkers Spotlight on Guy Dunlap
In January of 2016, while exhibiting at The Woodworking Show in Indianapolis, IN, I met Guy Dunlap who purchased an Edge Guide for his DeWalt 611 router. At the time I had no idea what sort of work he did, (or how prolific a craftsman he was). It wasn't until this year and only a month or so ago that he ordered one of our Circle Jigs and I discovered the impressive website of videos he's produced of various woodworking projects.  

Guy related that he had started this 'Floating Demilune Table' project with something less than his ideal for a circle jig and that he wanted to upgrade before going forward. Just a few days ago he sent me the three completed videos he's made describing his methods for the construction of the piece.

Below is a summary that he's put together for us to show how he used our Circle Jig and the beautiful results of his efforts.
When I originally started out on this project, I knew a circle jig was going to be a major component of the work I had planned. I have always depended very heavily on my MicroFence to do a lot of the inlay work on my pieces. After looking at the circle jig kit on the MicroFence website and armed with the knowledge of the quality of their equipment, I pulled the trigger and received my new circle jig several days later. Set up and configuration of the jig was very easy and straightforward, and I got to work immediately.

The Demilune table I was preparing to build had several features in it that need to be cut with the jig. First was the lower band of molding that would go under the curved rail. This was segmented tiger maple, and was done this way to maintain the look of the design with the top.

With the circle jig and the segmented ring attached to a jig, I cut both the inner and outer radius of the molding. The adjusta-bility of the jig made this a very easy process and I always felt like I was in compete control during the operation.

I prepared the veneer to make a sunburst pattern for the top, and using my vacuum bag, glued it to a MDF substrate. The next task for the circle jig was to cut out the half moon (Demilune) shape. After drilling a hole where the points meet in top, I attached my circle jig and routed the shape of the top.

With the top cut to shape, I made another segmented ring out of tiger maple that would serve as a solid hardwood border for the top. This also went onto the jig to be cut out. Since I maintained the center hole, I inserted the circle cutting jig into the hole I had used to cut the top. Since I was using a 1/4” bit, all I had to do to get a perfect fit of the inside radius of the border to the out-side radius of the top was turn the micro adjustment .250” to compensate for the bit. Turning the micro adjust knob 5 rotations (each rotation = .050”) gave me an absolutely perfect match of the border to the top. Easy peasy!

The next step was to cut the outside radius of the border, and adjusting the jig to that measurement, I cut the border to its final dimension and glued it to the field of the top.

I needed to create a groove for the 1/16” ebony inlay that would go between the field and border of the top. After installing a 1/16” bit. I adjust the circle jig once again by simply swinging the jig in an arc using the same center hole, a perfect groove was routed between the two areas.

I installed the inlay, added a medallion to the center of the top, and completed the piece. It really came out beautifully and exactly how I pictured it in my minds eye.

I have always depended on the quality and accuracy of the Micro Fence products for installing my inlay, and am very happy that I added the circle jig to my arsenal of tools. The ease of adjustment and the confidence the tool gave me was instrumental in completing this project with the precision required for a project of this type. Thanks Micro Fence!
See the video by clicking on the links below.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Visit his website at