“ It didn’t take me long to be convinced that here was a system that extends the potential of the router into realms of accuracy and control that the machine rightfully demands. It will make your use of the router so much easier and more enjoyable and will extend options for the development of your skills and expertise. ”

- Robert Ingham, Contributing Editor The Router Magazine England

“ One of the first places the Micro Fence proves its worth is in the relatively simple operation of cutting rabbets and dadoes… When router work needs to be incredibly precise, such as routing grooves for inlay work…the Micro Fence’s super-fine adjustment offers pinpoint accuracy. ”

- Work Bench Magazine, 2005

“ The Micro Fence is so precise and quick to adjust that it makes it effortless to perform any fence-guided routing operation with ‘tack-sharp’ accuracy. It’s as useful as it is beautiful. ”

- Sandor Nagyszalanczy Former Senior Editor, Fine Woodworking Furniture Designer and Author

“ No re-invention of the wheel, just a masterly revision of the router side fence. Suddenly, working from an edge makes sense. Where I would normally make up a template or jig, using this fence gives an entirely controllable, repeatable result. The virtue of this device lies in its impeccable engineering, lending a precision which makes it more of a jig than a fence. It is one of the most sensible ‘gadgets’ I have come across for a long time, offering real benefits in increased quality and productivity for router-users – and that’s most of us. ”

- Paul Richardson, Editor Furniture and Cabinet Magazine London, England

Edge-Guide and Stop Collar Set Package


This package includes our Edge-Guide and our Stop Collar Set.

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Center Bar & Levelers

To cut small circles (1/2″ to about a 12″) with the Edge Guide. Circular inlays, luthier applications, custom rosette capability, toy wheels, hardware installation, speaker-making.

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What comes in the box: The micrometer-adjusted Edge Guide, both 7″ & 12″ guide-shafts , both hi and low-profile wooden fences, half-rounds to follow curves and circles, 1 1/4″ stand-offs to increase the reach of the tool, all necessary hardware, our decimal/fraction/ metric equivalency chart, instruction booklet and a set of our Stop Collars (for ‘memorizing’ or pre-setting cut positions).

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Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 13.375 × 6.375 × 2.25 in
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B&D 2720, B&D 7614, B&D BD6200 Quantum, Bosch 1601, Bosch 1602, Bosch 1604, Bosch 1606, Bosch 1608*, Bosch 1611, Bosch 1613, Bosch 1614, Bosch 1615, Bosch 1617, Bosch 1618, Bosch 1619EVS, Bosch B1350, Bosch B1450, Bosch B1550, Bosch GOF 1300C, Bosch GOF 200CE, Bosch GOF 1600 CE, Bosch MRP23EVS, Bosch MRC23EVS, Bosch MRC23EVSK, Bosch PR 10/20*, Bosch PR011 Plunge, Bosch GFK600*, Bosch GKF125CE*, Bosch GKF12V-25*, RA1166 Plunge Base, CMT 1E, Dewalt D26670, Dewalt 610, Dewalt 611-Fixed*/ DCW600B*, Dewalt 611-Plunge, DeWalt D26204K-Fixed*, DeWalt D26204K-Plunge, Dewalt 614, Dewalt 615, Dewalt 616, Dewalt 618, Dewalt 620, Dewalt 621, Dewalt 621K, Dewalt 624, Dewalt 625, Dewalt 625E, Dewalt 625EK, Dewalt 629, Dewalt 670*, Dewalt D26200, Elu 177E, Elu 2721, Elu 3303, Elu 3304, Elu 3337, Elu 3338, Elu 3339, Elu 96E, FEIN RT1800, Festool OF 1400, Festool MFK700, Festool OF 1000E, Festool OF 1010, Festool OF 2000E, Festool OF 2200, Freud FT1000, Freud FT2000E, Hitachi KM12VC, Hitachi M12V, Hitachi M8V, Hitachi TR12, Makita 3600, Makita 3601B, Makita 3612B, Makita 3612BR, Makita 3612C, Makita 3620, Makita 3621, Makita 3707/3909*, Makita RF/RD1100, Makita RF/RD1101, Makita RP 0910, Makita RP 1110C, Makita RP 2301FC, Makita RT0701C*, Makita RT0701C Plunge, Makita XTR01 Cordless*, Makita DRT50Z Cordless*, Micro Fence Micro Plunge Base, Micro Fence Plunge Base, Milwaukee 5615-21, Milwaukee 5615-29, Milwaukee 5616-24, Milwaukee 5620, Milwaukee 5625, Milwaukee 5660, Milwaukee 5680, Milwaukee M18 Cordless*, Porter Cable 100, Porter Cable 150, Porter Cable 309, Porter Cable 310, Porter Cable 350, Porter Cable 450 Fixed*, Porter Cable 450 Plunge, Porter Cable 537, Porter Cable 630, Porter Cable 670, Porter Cable 690, Porter Cable 691 (Type 2), Porter Cable 691 (Type 3), Porter Cable 691 (Type 4), Porter Cable 693, Porter Cable 7310*, Porter Cable 7518, Porter Cable 7519, Porter Cable 7529, Porter Cable 7538, Porter Cable 7539, Porter Cable 8529, Porter Cable 890, Porter Cable 891, Porter Cable 9290 Cordless, Ridgid 2400*, Ridgid 2900PB*, Ryobi 175, Ryobi 180, Ryobi 185, Ryobi RE600, Ryobi TR30*, Ryobi 18V One+Palm Router*, Sears 27500, Sears 27510, Sears 27511, Trend T10, Trend T11, Trend T3, Trend T4, Trend T5, Trend T9