“ I switched on the router, plunged in the cutter, and moved it in the direction of the oval perimeter of the ellipse. Smoothness personified — the action was a joy to experience. This jig is undoubtedly the most competent way of cutting ellipses and ovals with the certainty and control that it gives you. Not only is it a piece of brilliant engineering, it is presented in such a way as to dispel any misunderstanding of the geometric principles involved. This is essentially true of all the functions of the Micro Fence System. ”

- — Robert Ingham, Furniture & Cabinet-Making Magazine, UK

Standard Ellipse Package (Up to 43″ Major Axis)(requires our Circle Jig)


Our Standard Ellipse Package is an accessory to our Circle Jig and can reach to approximately 43″ diameter in the major axis and differentials (the difference between major and minor axes) of up to 12″. For larger diameters and/or differentials, see our Large Ellipse Package.

*There are limitations (particularly on the low end of it’s size capability), to the dimensions that the Standard Ellipse Jig will cut. Please be sure your requirements fall within it’s range before purchasing. (See the diagram below.)


Ellipse Vacuum Kit

To utilize our Vacuum Center Assembly to hold down the Standard Ellipse Axes Plate

Vacuum Center Assembly

Our Vacuum hold-down that operates on air compression (3cfm) to generate vacuum. For use with or Circle and Standard Ellipse Jigs.

Pre-Drill Service

We can Pre-Drill the Universal Router Plate for You

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Includes the Standard Axes Plate (our new T-Slot version), our Universal Router Base Plate (which can be drilled to accept any router), a Centering Hub to help mount your router on the Universal Plate, and all the parts you’ll need to connect your Circle Jig: a Riser Block Assembly, Mounting Posts, the Model A Mounting Bar, two stainless steel Center Posts, Delrin Spacer Washers, a Stabilizer Bar, two T-Slot Slides… all the hardware necessary to turn your Circle Jig into an ellipse cutting jig!  A detailed instruction booklet comes with every unit (you can also view those instructions here).

Standard Ellipse Jig with Circle Jig Complete, Vacuum Center Assembly, and Ellipse Vacuum Kit.

Our customer, Guy Dunlap, recently made a video where he uses the Ellipse Jig to create a coffee table. Check it out below.

Additional information

Weight 3.6 lbs
Dimensions 13.5 × 9.5 × 1.875 in
Choose Your Router Model

Bosch 1613, Bosch 1614, Bosch 1615, Bosch 1617, Bosch 1618, Bosch 1619EVS, Bosch MPR23EVS, Bosch MRC23EVS, Bosch MRC23EVSK, Bosch PR 10/20, Bosch PR011, Bosch PR20EVSPK, Dewalt D266700, Dewalt 610, Dewalt 611-Fixed, Dewalt 611-Plunge, Dewalt 614, Dewalt 615, Dewalt 616, Dewalt 618, Dewalt 621, Dewalt 621K, Dewalt 624, Dewalt 625, Dewalt 625E, Dewalt 625EK, Dewalt 629, Dewalt 670, Elu 2721, Elu 3303, Elu 3304, Elu 3337, Elu 3338, Elu 3339, FEIN RT1800, Festool OF 1400, Festool MFK700, Festool OF 1000E, Festool OF 1010, Festool OF 2000E, Festool OF 2200, Freud FT1000, Freud FT2000E, Hitachi KM12VC, Hitachi M12V, Hitachi M8V, Hitachi TR12, Makita 3600, Makita 3601B, Makita 3612B, Makita 3612BR, Makita 3612C, Makita 3620, Makita 3621, Makita 3707/3909, Makita RF/RD1100, Makita RF/RD1101, Makita RP 1110C, Makita RP 2301FC, Makita RT0701C, Micro Fence Micro Plunge Base, Micro Fence Plunge Base, Milwaukee 5615-21, Milwaukee 5615-29, Milwaukee 5620, Milwaukee 5625, Milwaukee 5660, Milwaukee 5680, Porter Cable 100, Porter Cable 310, Porter Cable 450, Porter Cable 690, Porter Cable 691 (Type 2), Porter Cable 691 (Type 3), Porter Cable 691 (Type 4), Porter Cable 693, Porter Cable 890, Porter Cable 891, Rigid 2400, Ryobi 175, Ryobi 180, Ryobi 185, Ryobi RE600, Trend T3, Trend T4, Trend T5