“ Not only is it a piece of brilliant engineering, it is presented in such a way as to dispel any misunderstanding of the geometric principles involved. This is essentially true of all the functions of the Micro Fence System. ”

- — Robert Ingham, Furniture & Cabinet-Making Magazine

Large Ellipse Package (Up to 10′ Major Axis)(requires our Circle Jig)


Our Large Ellipse Package is an accessory to our Circle Jig and includes everything that comes in our Standard Ellipse Package with the addition of longer tracks and rods that allow you to cut diameters up to 10 feet in the major axis (suitable for dining room tables, conference tables, large signage, etc.). The Large Ellipse package utilizes T-slot tracks rather than the Axes Plate to accommodate larger distances between the centers of the jig.

The kit includes a set of four 48″ T-Slot Axes Tracks, a pair of Large T-Slot Slides, and two pairs of longer Guide Shafts (24″ and 36″). This package increases the range and versatility of your Standard Ellipse Package.

If you already own the Standard Ellipse and want to upgrade to the Large Ellipse capability, order the Standard Ellipse Package Upgrade, which you can find in the Ellipse Jig product category. Both jigs share a common instruction manual, which you can view here.

Note: The Large Ellipse package requires additional shipping charges because its components are shipped in two parcels.


Ellipse Vacuum Kit

To utilize our Vacuum Center Assembly to hold down the Standard Ellipse Axes Plate

Vacuum Center Assembly

Our Vacuum hold-down that operates on air compression (3cfm) to generate vacuum. For use with or Circle and Standard Ellipse Jigs.

Pre-Drill Service

We can Pre-Drill the Universal Router Plate for You

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Standard Ellipse Jig with Circle Jig Complete

Standard Ellipse Jig with Circle Jig Complete and Vacuum Center

What comes in the Large Ellipse package:
What comes with the Standard Ellipse

Our customer, Guy Dunlap, recently made a video where he uses the Ellipse Jig to create a coffee table. Check it out below.

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Weight 3.6 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10.375 × 2.375 in