“ Superbly engineered, the two light rings are just the latest in a long line of products from noted woodworker Richard Wedler, who understands exactly what’s needed: he has been making custom cabinets and furniture for over forty years. ”

- John English, Woodshop News 2017

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“ Micro-Fence just knocked my hat in the creek with their new Micro Plunge Base. The base accepts the Dremel 8220 cordless rotary tool (also uses the Proxxon motor and others) making this the first cordless plunge router I’ve had the pleasure of using. Cordless is so convenient when routing very precise inlays, no cord snagging or dragging. Add to that mobility a horsehoe shaped base with incredibly good site lines and this little buddy is a wonder. ”

- Roland Johnson, Fine Woodworking E-Letter, Nov. 28,2012

Micro Plunge Base w/ Light Ring Kit


This package includes our Micro Plunge Base and our six LED Light Ring Kit along with everything you’ll need to install it.


Maintenance Kit

Ring pliers, cleaning swabs, DynaGlide+, and instructions for cleaning your Micro Plunge Base inside and out.

Mounting Bar

Enables our Edge Guide to be used with the Micro Plunge

Battery Pack Option

A nine volt battery, hook & loop pouch and mounting strap, with a short pwer cord.

Dust Hood Kits

These kits provide extremely efficient dust removal when connected to shop vacuums or central dust collection systems.

Center Bar Accessory

For making small circles with your Edge-Guide. These levelers are fitted with jam nuts to secure a ‘level’ setting once it is achieved.

*Note: If you already own the Center Bar & Levelers Kit and want only the Inboard Levelers, please select “Inboard Levelers Only” from the drop-down box below.

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  • 4″ Diameter Horseshoe style base
  • Overall Vertical Travel 1.875″
  • Wt: 1.6 lbs;  2.85 lbs w/ Edge Guide
  • Vertical Adjustments to .001″
  • Compatible w /PC Template Guide Bushings
Foredom 44T
Dremel 8220 Cordless
Proxxon IB/E
“You’ll have the best opportunity to be in control”

Additional information

Weight 1.8 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 4 × 6.5 in