Autumn Newsletter 2018

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A Few Words From Rich
It's another holiday season approaching and we want to help make it a special one. This newsletter announces an exclusive Accessory Sale for our subscribers, some Package Deal specials and a Free Drawing for one of our Micro Plunge Bases (with Light Ring). If you received this newsletter, you are automatically entered to win.
Thanks for all your encouragement and support for the last twenty-five years. Since our beginnings in 1993, it's largely 'word-of-mouth' exposure that's fueled our sales and allowed us to stay in business. We appreciate it!
Thanksgiving Subscriber Specials
Since you subscribe to this newsletter, we presume you've either already purchased some of the Micro Fence System or are contemplating a purchase at some time in the future. Our Thanksgiving Sale is aimed at helping you to expand your existing system and/or help you add Micro Fence's advantages to your shop tooling.

For those of you who have already purchased some portion of our system, we're offering a coupon worth 15% off any accessory purchase over $100. Shop our Accessories category to expand your Micro Fence's capabilities at an advantaged price. It's our way of thanking you for your past support and for subscribing to this newsletter. Enter the coupon code THXGIV15.18 at checkout.

For those of you who have subscribed but have not yet made a purchase, check out our 'Package Deals' page for some helpful discounts to get started with some of the most precise and efficient tooling you can add to your shop. You can also use your free shipping coupon with any of these sale items for even greater savings. Coupon does not apply to items already on sale.
Sale ends midnight November 25th. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!
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What's New at Micro Fence
A number of router manufacturers are now adding cordless options
to their product offerings and we think they offer great potential for detail work. We've just recently completed a prototype Sub-Base Assembly (they should be in stock within a few weeks), that allows our Edge Guide or Circle Jig to fit the new Bosch GFK 12V-25. It's designed with an off-set base that facilitates edge trimming or profiling. Fitting it with our guide, the unit becomes advantageous for all manner of detail work including inlays, hinge mortising, fluting, reeding, veining and architectural detailing. Our sub-base provides the options for both left and right mounting positions.
I've found the 12V lithium battery to provide adequate power for any of the above tasks and long-lasting enough to prove useful. It provides a welcome alternative to corded trimmers when it comes to those final details.

Tips & Techniques
It's been a few years since we've included any mention of the dry-lube spray that we recommend for our tools. We discovered DynaGlide Plus about fifteen years ago and were so impressed with the way it worked on both wood and metal, that we began carrying it and made it the 'go-to' lube for our maintenance kits. It contains no silicon or Teflon and will not effect finishes when used on raw wood.

DynaGlide+ virtually eliminates drag, cleans and lubricates machinery table tops, router base plates, saw blades, router bits, hand plane soles and even extends the life of sandpaper! (It sounds a little over-the-top, but I've found it to be true). This bio-degradable, micro-film wax product not only makes virtually any wood-working tool slide like a dream, but now has been improved with the addition of a rust inhibitor that helps protect metal tools from rust and corrosion when being stored.

We use DynaGlide+ in the cleaning and assembly of all the Micro Fence tools and it's become indispensable in my furniture business as well. You can read more about the newest incarnation of this formula on our website. 

Winter Holidays Free Drawing
Back by popular demand, our holiday Free Drawing will be picked on December 1st (for delivery before Christmas), when one lucky subscriber will win this Micro Plunge Base fitted with one of our Light Ring Kits (your choice of AC or Battery Pack power supply), a $380 value. Sign up for our Quarterly Newsletter and your email will automatically be entered in the drawing.

For more details on Micro Plunge
Woodworkers Spotlight on Frank Garcia
We met about five years ago at a woodworking show in New Jersey. Frank's kaleidoscopes were on display at a booth for the local woodworking association and stopped me in my tracks as I walked by. The attention to detail and artful designs were remarkable and the craftsmanship superb. 
Over the next few years, Frank became a customer and friend. Among his purchases was one of our Micro Plunge Base when we were still using a small goose-neck LED flashlight for a lighting source. The manufacturer of that light notified me that it was to be discontinued. Somewhere along the line Frank sent me photos of a lighting solution he'd put together that struck a chord with me and we worked together to design our current Light Rings. This not only solved the dilemma of how to replace our mini-flashlights, but greatly improved the illumination on both of our plunge bases. To this day I believe them to be the best lighting solution I've ever seen on a router.
I'm forever grateful for Frank's contributions and hope you'll enjoy looking at his fine work in these pictures.