The Original.

The Micro Fence System was first introduced 28 years ago, and we’ve been striving to produce the highest quality router edge guide tooling in the industry ever since. It hasn’t always been easy to find acceptance for machine-tool precision in the world of wood-working, but judging from the number of imitative products that have come and gone in the last quarter of a century, the desire for finer tooling definitely seems to be the current trend. We’d like to extend our thanks to all of you who have supported us with your patronage.


Micro Fence Edge-Guides, Circle Jigs, and Plunge Bases offer router set-ups by measurement and fine adjustments in thousandths. Cut tolerances and consistent fit become the expected result.


Our products are made from all non-corrosive materials, including precision-ground stainless steel, brass, bronze, aluminum, acetal and, phenolic and UHMW plastics. We pride ourselves on the fit, finish, and feel of every tool that leaves our shop.


Hard-chromed and precision-ground stainless steel posts fitted through bronze bushings offer silky smooth plunge action. Depth adjustments in 1/8" increments with the indexing turret and .001" with the micrometer dial.

What’s New

Instructional Video: Changing Mounting Bars

We put together this short video with some tips and techniques to get the smoothest travel and best experience out of your Micro Fence setup when changing mounting bars or guide shafts.

Changing Mounting Bars
► Watch on Vimeo

Bora WTX Clamps & Slides Now In Stock

We’ve started carrying the Bora WTX model clamps as our in-house brand. These extremely light and high-quality clamps feature both imperial and metric scales, and we are stocking them in 36" and 50" lengths. We’ve designed and produced an acetal plastic slide that offers adjustable, super-smooth travel for ‘fail-safe’ dadoing applications.

See our Clamps section for further details.

Customer Spotlight: Brian Holcombe

Brian Holcombe designs and builds original work, drawing influence from Japanese Sashimono and furniture of the Ming Dynasty. He focuses on cabinetry, casework, tables, boxes, art framing, and traditional Japanese sliding doors known as shoji.

Hand tools and traditional methods of work are an important part of his work. Hand tools connect the maker to the process while allowing freedom of form. Working by hand further encourages a constant pursuit of new facets and understanding of the material while continuously honing the maker’s personal ability and skill.

Check out Brian’s inventive use of our Micro Stops, posted on Instagram, by clicking on the photo below, (with a video at the end of the post showing the ingenious pneumatic lock-downs for his flip-stop system).

You can find Brian’s work online at brianholcombewoodworker.com and Instagram @bp.holcombe

Customer Spotlight: Mats Fogelvik

Matts Fogelvik, born in Sweden in 1959, is a designer/artist and woodworker. In 1987, he attended an art and furniture making school in Stockholm and worked as a teacher for woodshop classes during 1988. His world adventures landed him on Maui in 1991. Since that time he has been a full-time woodworker and furniture maker. He is the past president and co-founder of the Maui Woodworker's Guild.

"I grew up in an arts & crafts family," Mats says. "We still have a living tradition of woodworking in Sweden, and I was surrounded by old and new furniture in my youth. I have a rich inspirational source to draw from in the Scandinavian heritage and traditions. I am attracted to simplicity, beauty, and function in a form. I believe a lot of furniture nowadays is 'over-designed.' There is a fine balance between beauty, function, and sculptural value in a piece, and I am not afraid of using old well-proven designs in my work to achieve that. It doesn't take much of a change or detailing, to add the 'personal touch' to a piece. Too much, and the balance is thrown off.

"My goal is to create pieces with a 'one of a kind quality,'" he explains, "and at the same time, the customer will be able to recognize and connect with the piece on a very emotional level. I believe wood is a living material, and I am excited about bringing out the soul within to make the wood express itself to you. Listen carefully, and you will hear my furniture speak to you!"

Watch Mats’ video demonstrating his use of our Ellipse Jig on Facebook:

Watch Mats Fogelvik's video on Facebook

You can find Mats’ work online at fogelvik.com and on Facebook @fogelvik