Precision Tools for the Discerning Craftsman

Micro Fence Shop Video Library
A display of multiple woodworking tools, from classic to modern, with black background.


The Micro Fence System makes your hand-held router into the precision milling machine it’s capable of being, in all straight line, circular and elliptical woodworking applications. Bringing its concept of precision directly from the machine-tool trade, it provides micrometer-adjusted measuring capability that streamlines set-ups by maximizing accuracy and efficiency.

The system addresses all edge-referenced operations with tack-sharp .001″ or .1mm readouts. Micro Fence now can now be fitted to more than 60 models of routers, laminate trimmers, circular saws and high-speed rotary tools.

Making Micro Fence

For just short of thirty years now, we’ve experienced every conceivable comment imaginable concerning the price point of our tools. To help explain our pricing, we set aside some time throughout 2021 to film and document the manufacturing process that goes into making some of our products. You can watch the sneak-peak here, or view the full length video on YouTube. By the way, the music is courtesy of Rich and his friends (the Woodshop Band) recorded a couple of years ago in Los Angeles.

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“Swiss-watch precision and smooth operation are combined in a package that is easier to compare to fine German sports cars than to other woodworking tools.”

Robert Lang, Popular Woodworking magazine

“The virtue of this device lies in its impeccable engineering, lending a precision which makes it more of a jig than a fence. It is one of the most sensible ‘gadgets’ I have come across for a long time, offering real benefits in increased quality and productivity for router users-and that’s most of us.”

Paul Richardson, Furniture & Cabinetmaking Magazine, UK

“Wow great news; outstanding service, and fantastic products!  There are a few recent sub-par copy attempts out there; none offer the full functionality, the precision, or the  build quality of your products.  Your products are worth every penny, which is why I have purchased so many of your products over the past several years!  Once I found out about Micro Fence, and did my research I was sold on your offerings and I continue to be.”

Lewis Elliott, Micro Fence customer