Magazine Reviews

American Router magazine

Read “Micro Fence Revealed” by Robin Eley

Read “Dead-On Depth Device” by Alan Goodsell

Read “Micro Machine” by Robert Ingham

Read “Curvilinear” by Robert Ingham

American Woodworker Magazine

Read “The Well Equipped Shop” by Brad Holden

Read “Toolbox: Our favorite Router Accessories” from April 1995

Cabinet Maker + FDM magazine

Read “Innovator – Richard Wedler” by William Sampson

Furniture & Cabinetmaking Magazine 

Read “Toolbox – Micro Fence” by Alan Goodsell

Popular Woodworking Magazine

Read “Tool Test” from the April 2006 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine

Popular Mechanics Magazine

Read “Tool Test – Micro Fence Router Guide” by Rosario Capotosto

WOOD Magazine

Read “Tools & Materials – Shop Tested” by Bob Hunter – from December/January 2020/2021

Woodshop News

Read “Making the Perfect Cut 2015 – Machine Shop Precision for Woodshop Equipment” by John English

Read “Light Up Your Plunge Routing by John English

Woodworkers Journal

Read “Micro Fence Machinist’s Accuracy meets woodworker’s favorite tool” by Michael Dresdner

Work Bench Magazine

Read “Tool Close-up” from the June 2004 issue of Work Bench Magazine

Listen to the interview with

Further Readings

Article written about Richard as a custom cabinet and furniture maker:
Read CWB Magazine, October, 1997, “Hollywood Woodworker Specializes in Covering Creative Outlets” by Tom Caestecker, Jr., page 60-63

Woodworking articles written by Richard Wedler:

Furniture & Cabinetmaking Magazine, April 1997: No.5; Pages 27-30
Read Fine Woodworking Magazine, March/April 1993, “Tambour Cabinet Doors” pages 76-80, The Taunton Press Inc.,

Richard Wedler’s custom woodworking featured in books:
Built-In Furniture by Jim Toplin, (pages 16, 18, 141), The Taunton Press Inc., a Fine Woodworking Book, Newton, CT 1997.