The Micro Fence® System has been developed by noted woodworker Richard Wedler, who has been making custom cabinets and furniture for over 50 years. (You can see some of his work at richardwedler.com). The first foundation piece of the Micro Fence system, the Edge-Guide, was the solution to straight-line and circular routing application problems that Rich confronted in his own commissioned work. He and his father Jack, a machinist and toolmaker for over 60 years, put their heads together in 1990 to develop the first Micro Fence®Edge-Guide.


Though Jack passed on in 1998, Rich continued developing new additions to the system. The Circle Jig, the Vacuum Center Assembly, the Ellipse Jig(s) and other minor accessories were developed to make the system more versatile. Observing that the vast majority of routers available were 2-3 horsepower and weighing upwards of 12 pounds, Rich set out to design a smaller plunge base that would accommodate  laminate trimmers and in 2004 introduced our Original Plunge Base.   In 2011 Micro Fence won the AWFS Sequoia Award for it’s Plunge Base and Edge Guide combination, recognizing it’s innovative benefit to routing.

A few years later, a smaller version of the plunge  (our Micro Plunge base) was born to target fine detailing work like inlay installations, hinge mortising, architectural detailing, model and instrument building. Always evolving, the system grew to include  lighting systems for each of the Plunge Bases that provide spectacular LED illumination for arguably the best visibility in the industry.

For the last thirty-some years, Micro Fence has consistently grown the range of tooling we manufacture and the number of router models we can accommodate. Made entirely in the US, our goal is to offer the highest quality, most functional tools we possibly can and to back them up with the information and service they deserve.

When we first started making the Micro Fence, Jack used to say, “Would you rather explain the price or apologize for the quality?”


Early Prototype 1989

“It didn’t take me long to be convinced that here was a system that extends the potential of the router into realms of accuracy and control that the machine rightfully demands. It will make your use of the router so much easier and more enjoyable and it will extend options for the development of your skills and expertise.” – Robert Ingham, Furniture and Cabinetmaking Magazine, UK

The goal has always been to build the highest quality and most useful tools possible that offer real solutions to woodworking problems. We are constantly researching and developing new products to make Microfence.com the most valuable resource possible for precision woodworking tools. When you call our shop, you’ll most likely speak with Rich directly.  Call 800-480-6427.

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