TP 1934 Basic Package True Position Drill Guide

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The True Position Drill Guide reaches beyond the competition with its quality and versatility. This lightweight yet durable drill guide eases set-up time for the installation of cabinet and drawer hardware, as well as variable hole patterns for adjustable shelving. It offers an inexpensive and easy to use yet highly efficient alternative to costly line-boring equipment in the small (or home) shop. It provides scale-measured positioning of hardened drill bushings (either 5mm or 1/4″) to accommodate drilling patterns for knobs, wire pulls, and even hinges. The jig memorizes hole patterns (up to 12 1/4″ apart) and setbacks up to 5 1/2″ from an edge. This, along with adjustable shelving extensions that can be added in seconds, makes this jig the most versatile and best-made tool of its kind.

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Made not far from us in Southern California by two friends of ours, Tad Lostlen and his son James, the True Position is a kindred product to Micro Fence. Tad brought 25+ years of cabinet making and installation experience to bear on his idea for this problem-solving jig. Top quality all the way!

This Basic Package includes: 1 True Position Drill Guide, 2 sliding guides w/ thumb screws, and 1 end stop w/ thumb screws.

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