Standard Ellipse Package Upgrade (for Larger Ellipses to 12′)


Those who already own our Standard Ellipse Package can upgrade to the Large Ellipse Package with this kit. The upgrade package includes two pairs of stainless guide shafts (2′ and 3′), a pair of longer T-slot slides, and your choice of four 22.25″ T-slot tracks, four 34.25″ T-slot tracks, or both.  The upgrade makes it possible to create diameters up to 12 feet in the major axis and differentials (the difference between the major and minor axes) of up to 77 inches. Examine the diagrams below to determine which components you’ll need to cut the dimensions you require.



Large Ellipse Uses:
Conference, dining, or larger table tops, transom window moldings/frames, moldings for arched-top armoires, rocking chair rockers, demilune table tops, mirror frames, etc.

Note: Using two centers to create the ellipse shape means concentric cuts (two precisely parallel cuts) are technically an impossibility. The bigger the differential (the distance between centers), the more two spaced cuts will vary from one another. In most applications, this limitation proves to be a non-issue, but feel free to call us to discuss your particular job requirement so you can determine whether these tools will fulfill your needs.

22.25″ tracks with 24″ guide shafts
34.25″ tracks with 36″ guide shafts

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 47.875 × 2.875 × 2.875 in