MF Maintenance Kit


The Micro Fence System is manufactured to close-tolerance specifications, and when maintained properly, offers a lifetime of service. The most important part of that maintenance is cleanliness. DynaGlide Plus is our cleaner/lubricant of choice when our tools are assembled at the factory and for ongoing maintenance. It is included in the Maintenance Kit along with a pair of retaining ring pliers for dis-assembling our plunge bases for ‘deep’ cleaning inside the bronze bushings, cotton daubers and a 3cc bottle of Phil’s Tenacious Oil to guarantee that silky thread movement of our main spindle assemblies.


This maintenance kit includes a can of DynaGlide Plus, a 3cc bottle of spindle oil, swabs for cleaning internal bearing surfaces, a pair of retaining ring pliers, (for removing the motor carriages of our plunge bases for cleaning), and instructions for the proper maintenance of your tools. In short, it has everything you’ll need to keep your Micro Fence system working at maximum efficiency.

Click the photo below for Maintenance Kit instructions.

*PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the USPS regulations, we cannot ship DynaGlide outside the continental United States.

Additional information

Weight 1.1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 2.5 × 5 in