Up-Spiral Micro Bits (Long Reach)


These longer miniature end mills (2 1/2″ overall length), were designed for CNC applications that required deep cavity milling. Applied to hand-held routing, they become advantageous because they increase the ‘head-room’ and resulting visibility that is so limited when using normal 1/8″ shank bits (typically only 1 1/2″ long). The added open quality allows our LED light sources to light up the work area more efficiently. They feature a three flute grind configuration with a reduced neck diameter to avoid healing.

You can purchase any of the bits separately or save a little by buying this kit of five (1/32″/.031″; 1/16″/.062″; 5/64″/.078; 3/32″/.093; and 1/8″/.125″). Made in the US of fine micro grade carbide.

*Note: These longer shanked bits will exacerbate any eccentricity inherent in your routers/collet combination.

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Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × .125 × .625 in