Plunge Base Adapter Rings


Adapter Rings allow a variety of motors to be used with our Plunge Base. They are machined to close tolerances and fit the motor carriage properly to provide a secure mount for any of the motors we accommodate. All adapters are machined from solid aluminum stock and feature three equally-spaced nylon or brass-tipped set screws to lock in the various trimmer motors.

Note: The position of the push button arbor lock on some compact routers (such as the DeWalt 611, DeWalt DCW600B Cordless and Milwaukee M18 Fuel) will be obscured by the motor carriage when mounted in our Plunge Base. In these cases, the motor may have to be removed when changing bits. We highly recommend the use of two wrenches for bit changes (most manufacturers provide flats on both the arbor and the arbor lock nut for this purpose). Two wrenches moving in opposite directions afford superior control over torque applied to the bit. It also eliminates wear on the non-conductive plastic used in the push button locks.

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Weight .31 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × .75 in