Stop Clamps


Our Stop Clamps were designed to provide portable, clamp-on stops in mortising and small fluting operations. We designed ‘pockets’ on each side of the aluminum extrusion so our low-profile wooden fence can pass through. This allows the base of the router to contact the Stop Clamp and effect a positive stop. You’ll need to make an initial test cut to determine the precise distance from the O.D. of the router bit you’re using to the edge of the trimmer’s base on both sides of the motor. (Some trimmers have collets that are not centered in their base.) Once you have this information, you can set our Stop Clamps to position your cuts exactly where you want them. We offer the Large Pair (1 1/8″ – 2 3/8″), designed for entry door and larger requirements, the Small Pair (0″ -1 3/16″), designed for cabinet door and drawer work, and the Complete Set, which includes all four. Please make your selection in the drop-down box below after you have viewed some of the applications.


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