Vacuum Center Assembly (Accessory to our Circle Jig)


Our Vacuum Center Assembly uses compressed air to generate a vacuum and creates a hold-down for our Circle Jig, (or our Ellipse Jig). It eliminates the need for drilling pilot holes and It requires 80 to 100 psi ; it draws only about 3cfm of air. This makes it ideal for shop or job-site applications where most portable air compressors (1 HP or more) can be used to power the venturi-type vacuum. This accessory provides the quickest and cleanest approach to circle cutting  and features a push-button interrupt that facilitates set-up alignment: four 90° marks are laser etched on the disc to match-up with your pencil drawn axis lines. Press the interrupt button for alignment, move the VCA to your desired location and release for vacuum attachment. The aluminum assembly provides the rigidity needed to cut flawlessly-clean circles in hard and soft woods, composites and plastics. See our router bit pages for selecting the best router bit for your requirements.

“As far as precision, engineering quality, and ease of setup, the Micro Fence edge guide system for routers still occupies a class by itself. The Vacuum Center accessory has the same genes.”
– Workbench Magazine

Note: The Vacuum Center Assembly is back in stock and available for shipment.(1/5/22)


The Vacuum Center Assembly can also be used to hold down the Axes Plate in our Ellipse Jig (with the addition of our Ellipse Vacuum Kit) or as a vacuum generator for our newer Vacuum Clamping Kits, which feature one or more Remote Vacuum Pods. For a more complete description see Ellipse Vacuum Kits or Vacuum Clamping.

Above: The Vacuum Center Assembly being utilized with our Ellipse Vacuum Kit.
Below: The Vacuum Center Assembly being utilized with our Remote Pod Clamps.


Additional information

Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 5.5 × 5.25 in