Center Bar & Inboard Levelers For Micro Plunge Base


One of our customers told me that our regular Center Bar & Outboard Leveler Kit worked beautifully for cutting small circles but said it was too big for his needs. He was making sound hole cut-outs in ukeleles. After examining our Micro Plunge Base, I found our Levelers could be threaded directly into the bottom of the base. The resulting new accessory, called the “Inboard Levelers,” provides a smaller footprint for routing small circles. These levelers are fitted with jam nuts to secure a ‘level’ setting once it is achieved. Note: These are available only for the Micro Plunge Base.

Note*: These are available only for the Micro Plunge Base.

The picture below shows the ability of the Micro Plunge Base (as is the case with any of our circle cutting jigs) to create mating radii. The inlaid mahogany circle was cut by dialing the cutting diameter of the bit away from center after the first circle was cut out of the lighter background material.

*Note: If you already own the Center Bar & Levelers Kit and want only the Inboard Levelers, please select “Inboard Levelers only” from the drop-down box below.


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