Circle Jig Attachment (If you already own the Edge-Guide)


The Circle Jig Attachment is an accessory to our Edge Guide (as distinguished from the Circle Jig Complete). If you are looking for our Circle Jig as a completely separate tool, see the Circle Jig Complete.

The Circle Jig, like our Edge-Guide, features the Micro Fence micrometer dial, which provides a means of measurement and/or adjustment. This makes the jig unique for producing even the most demanding of cuts, like those required when cutting mating radii (as in the case of a surround of solid stock on a plywood or composite table top). An aluminum sub-fence is included with every Circle Jig, allowing it to perform parallel straight cuts as seen in the thumbnail photo to the left. This set-up is useful for shelving dadoes, drawer dividers, cassette slots for audio cabinets, or even dentil mouldings.

Our Circle Jig Attachment simply slides onto the stainless steel guide shafts in place of the Edge Guide body. It transforms the assembly into a Circle Jig with a 6″ to 48″ diameter capability. It includes a 1/4″ stainless steel Center Pin. There is a 3/8″ long spike on the end of the pin that measures 5/32″ in diameter, and it taps firmly into any 1/8″ pilot hole for a remarkably secure center position. The Circle Jig Attachment features its own micrometer unit and is used for a number of other Micro Fence functions, as well (the Ellipse Kits and Clamp Interfaces). Each Circle Jig comes with an aluminum straight-line fence for parallel dadoes and an eight-page instruction booklet (you can view the instructions here).

Stop Collar Set

To memorize cut positions or pre-set where a second cut will occur. Particularly useful for mortising, fluting, inlay work and hardware installations. Comes in a set of 4.

Longer Guide Shafts

Designed for cutting larger circles. Longer reach not recommended for interface applications.

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When purchased as the Circle Jig Attachment, the package does not include any Mounting Bar assembly. This is included for whatever router you specify when you purchase the Circle Jig Complete or Micro Fence Edge Guide.

We also highly recommend using the Stabilizer Bar accessory (included with this package) for virtually any set-up with the Circle Jig. It maximizes rigidity and affords the most precise cutting possible. For larger radii, our recommendation is to employ the Stabilizer Bar/Stabilizer Bar Levelers every 24″ – 30″ to support the stainless steel rods parallel to the work surface.

“Your product is indispensable to creating

the projects I like to do.” – Kelly Karin

Our Circle Jig Complete with our Plunge Base

Circle Jig Complete with Vacuum Center


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