“ This challenge [of cutting circles] has been truly answered by the Micro Fence version of the Circle Jig. As with the Edge Guide, all the guess work has been eliminated by the inclusion of the micro dial adjuster. I had zeroed the dial for the first cut, so six revolutions and three graduations moved it by precisely the diameter of the cutter. Now the second cut, and hey, presto, the two curved edges mated perfectly. This is what I expected, but the reality of the experience was a revelation. To test the fit further, I cramped the two pieces together and you could not see the joint line! ”

- — Robert Ingham, Furniture & Cabinet-Making Magazine, England

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“ Best circle cutting jig I've ever used! I've been an avid (advanced hobby) woodworker now for several years. Several times I've needed to cut holes, rounded corners, etc. In the past I've used metal templates, acrylic pcs. and other items with routers and jig saws. By far, the best jig I've used to date is the Micro Fence. It is extremely ridgid, and precise! This is not an ordinary metal tool. It is like a machinist's tool for woodworking. The things I build have tolerances in the thousandths of an inch or less. The Micro Fence has micrometer adjustments easy to use. The actual jig has stainless steel rods, black anodized AL blocks which guide the SS rods and brass thumb screws for a non-marring tighting to these rods once the radius desired is set. Don't waste your money on something else when you can spend a little more for something that will last a lifetime. Highly recommend! Thanks for looking. ”

- Dan Folz - Wheaton, Illinois

“ I bought into the “Micro-fence System” four years ago starting with the edge guide which I mounted on my 1 and 2 hp Dewalt plunge routers. I was impressed with its simplicity, workmanship and above all, the accuracy it gave me for joinery as well as fine inlay work. About a year later I received a commission to design and make two tables for Rideau Hall, the residence of Canada’s Governor General. Based on the level of accuracy I was able to get with the Micro-fence, the design I developed called for a series of large and small radii as well as a very large ogee detail along the front edge. The Micro-fence radius attachment performed flawlessly, I even attached it to a box beam to achieve perfect arcs from a 12’dia. circle. The ogee (eight inches across) was “shaped” out by increasing the diameter of the radii with the Micro-fence while simultaneously dropping the cove router bit. The fine Micro-fence adjustment allowed me to cut so close to the profile line that very little clean up was required. (See images 6-7 on gallery, click below)

I have come to rely on the Micro-fence system and I now regularly design furniture that would be difficult to impossible without it. My current project, a large expanding dining table has a series of shapes created by radii that have to meet precisely, Micro-fence will do it. A new series of designs that I am working on uses the Micro-fence oval attachment, I’ll keep you posted on the outcome. ”

- -Michael Fortune- RCA (Royal Canadian Academy of Art)

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Circle Jig Complete


The Circle Jig is available as an accessory to the Edge-Guide (called the Circle Jig Attachment), or as a separate complete tool as you see it here: the Circle Jig Complete.

It pivots from a stainless steel trammel pin and allows easy, precise, and repeatable circle cutting from 6-48 inches in diameter. Longer guide shafts are available for diameters up to 12′ ( see our Accessories page). There is also the option to eliminate the need for a pilot hole by adding our Vacuum Center Assembly.

The Circle Jig, like our Edge-Guide, features the Micro Fence micrometer dial, which provides a means of measurement and/or adjustment. This makes the jig unique for producing even the most demanding of cuts, like those required when cutting mating radii (as in the case of a surround of solid stock on a circular table top).

An aluminium sub-fence is included with every Circle Jig, allowing it to perform parallel straight cuts as seen in the second ‘thumbnail’ photo above. This set-up is useful for shelving dadoes, drawer dividers, cassette slots for audio cabinets, or even dentil mouldings.

We also include and highly recommend using the Stabilizer Bar accessory for any Circle Jig set-up, but especially when making heavier cuts or larger diameter circles. It maximizes rigidity and affords the most precise cutting possible. We also recommend using the Stabilizer Bar Levelers every 24″ – 30″ to support the stainless steel rods parallel to the work surface.

The Circle Jig is also an integral component of other Micro Fence accessories, including the Ellipse Jig and the Clamp Interface Packages. You can view instructions for the Circle Jig here.

Note: If you are ordering the Micro Fence for use with a laminate trimmer, you will also need the appropriate Sub-Base Assembly, which is indicated by an asterisk (*) in the drop down box below.

What comes in the box

Additional Stabilizer Bar

Maximizes rigidity and accuracy with any Circle Jig set-up.


Dry lube spray to keep our tools at peak operating efficiency and eliminate drag anywhere in your shop (no silicone or teflon). Please note: We cannot ship DynaGlide outside the US due to Postal regulations.

Sub-Base Assembly

Provides points of attachment for our Edge Guide or Circle Jig on Laminate Trimmers that have no holes in which to mount any out-board tools.

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Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 16.75 × 6.375 × 2.375 in