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Micro Fence offers two collet adapters.

The one shown to the left is a steel adapter bushing used to downsize the bore from 1/2″ to accommodate a 1/4″ shank router bit. In general, bushings are not recommended for production routing but work well as a temporary substitute for the properly sized collet. We include this adapter with our Precision Template Guide Bushing Set so our 1/4″ Centering Pin can be used to calibrate your set-up alignment in 1/2″ collet routers.

The other collet adapter is pictured below. This Onsrud fiber adapter bushing will accept 1/8″ shank bits like Dremel tools or our new Micro Bits, adapting them for use in any 1/4″ collet. These bushings are made with CNC machine use in mind and are surprisingly accurate with regard to concentricity.

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