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“No reinvention of the wheel, just a masterly revision of the router side fence. Suddenly, working from an edge makes sense. Where I would normally make up a template or a jig, using this fence gives an entirely controllable, repeatable result. The virtue of this device lies in its impeccable engineering, lending a precision which makes it more of a jig than a fence. It is one of the most sensible ‘gadgets’ I have come across for a long time, offering real benefits in increased quality and productivity for router users — and that’s most of us.” –Paul Richardson, Editor of Furniture & Cabinetmaking Magazine, London, England

The Micro Fence Edge-Guide easily mounts on your router to add precision usually found only in machine tooling. Each unit comes with our basic micrometer edge-guide unit, 7″ & 12″ stainless steel guide shafts (interchangeable), both shallow- and deep-profile wood sub-fences, half-round inserts for curved and circular work, extension spacers for fence placement at or beyond center collet, our decimal equivalency chart, and the appropriate mounting bar and pins to fit your router. Each Edge-Guide also comes with a twelve-page instructional booklet, which you can view here.

 What comes in the box

Applications: Dadoing, Rabbetting, Mortising, V-Grooving, Slotting / Veining, Drawer Construction, Flutes, Reeds, Inlay Work, Sliding Dovetails, and many more routing operations.

Micro Fence Mounting Bars are the key to fitting our fence to virtually any router on the market. Conversion from router to router involves switching the guide shafts from one mounting bar to another (about 1 minute). Each Edge Guide comes with a Mounting Bar to fit the router of your choice, but additional Mounting Bars can be purchased to fit other routers in your shop, as well (you can find them on our Accessories page).

Other accessories are listed below and shown in the thumbnail pictures to the left (more information on each accessory is available on the Accessories page).

If you’re interested in a more complete kit, our Package Deals page offers the Edge Guide in combination with other elements of our system.

Note: If you are ordering the Micro Fence for use with a laminate trimmer, you will also need the appropriate Sub-Base Assembly, which is indicated by an asterisk (*) in the drop down box below.



Sub-Base Assembly

If your router of choice has an asterisk after it, you’ll need to add one of these packages to mount your Edge Guide on it.

Stop Collars

To memorize cut positions or pre-set where a second cut will occur. Particularly useful for mortising, fluting, inlay work and hardware installations.

Center Bar & Levelers

To cut smaller circles (1/2″ to about a foot), with the Edge Guide. Circular inlays, luthier applications, custom rosette capability, toy wheels, hardware installation, speaker-making.


Our dry-lube spray for maintaining maximum performance of our tools. Eliminates drag and helps insure smooth movement.

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The Edge-Guide can fit virtually any router in the market. Below are some of the most popular models.

Additional information

Weight 2.75 lbs
Dimensions 13.375 x 6.375 x 2.5 in