“ It didn't take me long to be convinced that here was a system that extends the potential of the router into realms of accuracy and control that the machine rightfully demands. It will make your use of the router so much easier and more enjoyable and will extend options for the development of your skills and expertise. ”

- Robert Ingham, Contributing Editor The Router Magazine England

“ One of the first places the Micro Fence proves its worth is in the relatively simple operation of cutting rabbets and dadoes... When router work needs to be incredibly precise, such as routing grooves for inlay work...the Micro Fence's super-fine adjustment offers pinpoint accuracy.
As far as precision, engineering quality, and ease of setup, the Micro Fence edge guide system for routers still occupies a class by itself. ”

- Workbench Magazine: June 2004

“ The Micro Fence is so precise and quick to adjust that it makes it effortless to perform any fence-guided routing operation with 'tack-sharp' accuracy. It's as useful as it is beautiful. ”

- Sandor Nagyszalanczy, Former Senior Editor of Fine Woodworking, Furniture Designer and Author

“ It looks and feels like the precision instrument it is. It's designer, a well qualified woodworker, set out to achieve an adjustable edge-guide that was quicker and easier to use. His product nicely satisfies these requirements. ”

- Rosario Capotosto Contributing Editor, Popular Mechanics

“ If you're looking for quality, durability and precision in a router fence, the take a look at Micro Fence. ”

- Popular Woodworking

“ No reinvention of the wheel, just a masterly revision of the router side fence. Suddenly, working from an edge makes sense. Where I would normally make up a template or a jig, using this fence gives an entirely controllable, repeatable result. The virtue of this device lies in its impeccable engineering, lending a precision which makes it more of a jig than a fence. It is one of the most sensible 'gadgets' I have come across for a long time, offering real benefits in increased quality and productivity for router users — and that's most of us. ”

- Paul Richardson, Editor of Furniture & Cabinetmaking Magazine, London, England

“ Working a mortise with Richard Wedler's Micro Fence is an excellent choice...when a single-cutter-width mortise is called for, finding it's center is really sweet with this fully adjustable tool. ”

- Pat Warner Author of The Router Joinery Handbook

“ I have seen your web-site for more than a few years, and debated as to whether the micro fence was all that it was cracked up to be. After seeing a demonstration at the Baltimore wood show I decided to give it a try. Wish I could find the words to say THANK YOU! It is everything and more than what you described in your seminar. It is truly easy to use, and even I, a fairly new hobby woodworker, am able to get great results. Within 10-15 minutes of using it, I was able to UNDERSTAND how to do router inlays which I have now done a few in the last 2 weeks.

Have also been able to do bow tie pattern inlays with precision that would rival the pro’s. Your products, their ease of use, and especially your after market customer support have been more than I ever expected. Since receiving and using the edge guide, I tried doing some pattern inlays and realize the other products I have been using fall short of giving precision depth guide precision when making inlay cuts. I will soon be ordering your plunge base to take care of this.

Many thanks for your help expertise and customer care after the sale. I wish there were more companies like yours. ”

- John Badowski, Customer

“ No shop should be without this. ”

- Frank Klausz, Contributing Editor, American Woodworker

“ I received my Edge Guide yesterday and have to say after initially playing around with it, this guide (and your attention to detail) far exceeds any expectations I could have even imagined before ordering. Absolutely awesome. I can't wait to save up a few more dollars and order the Circle Jig now.

I have to admit, I was a little confused when I initially opened everything up and realized the mounting bar for the porter cable 450 plunge had 3 sets of attachment holes and also why there were an extra set of guide shafts in the box, but after I started to hook the Edge Guide to the front of my router, I realized the longer shafts and other mounting holes were to accommodate the side mounting capability on the plunge base - you really thought of everything. I was perfectly happy to only be able to use the front mounting capability but to have the choice without even having to special order extras - WOW.

You have made me an absolute fan of Micro Fence and a customer for life. If I ever have the chance to recommend your products to any of my friends or family, I won't hesitate.

Thank you for everything. ”

- Robert Luedtke, New Customer 2018

“ I had occasion this week to pull out your edge guide and plunge base for a quick little project. I only need it three or four times a year but each and every time I get it out I am so very pleased with it. There have been tools I’ve purchased in the past that I’ve regretted but I never have felt that way about your products. I am thankful for their high quality and versatility each and every time I use them.

Thank you again for the uncompromising quality you design into your products. ”

- Paul Richmond, Customer since 2011

Edge Guide


The Micro Fence Edge-Guide easily mounts on your router to add precision usually found only in machine tooling. Each unit comes with our basic micrometer edge-guide unit, 7″ & 12″ stainless steel guide shafts (interchangeable), both shallow- and deep-profile wood sub-fences, half-round inserts for curved and circular work, extension spacers for fence placement at or beyond center collet, our decimal equivalency chart, and the appropriate mounting bar and pins to fit your router. Each Edge-Guide also comes with a twelve-page instructional booklet, which you can view here.

Applications: Dadoing, Rabbetting, Mortising, V-Grooving, Slotting / Veining, Drawer Construction, Flutes, Reeds, Inlay Work, Sliding Dovetails, and many more routing operations.


Micro Fence Mounting Bars are the key to fitting our fence to virtually any router on the market. Conversion from router to router involves switching the guide shafts from one mounting bar to another (which takes about 1 minute). Each Edge Guide comes with one Mounting Bar to fit the router of your choice, but additional Mounting Bars can be purchased to fit other routers in your shop, as well.

Other accessories are listed below and shown in the thumbnail pictures to the left (more information on each accessory is available on the Accessories page).

If you’re interested in a more complete kit, our Package Deals page offers the Edge Guide in combination with other elements of our system.

Note: If you are ordering the Micro Fence for use with a laminate trimmer, you will also need the appropriate Sub-Base Assembly, which is indicated by an asterisk (*) in the drop down box below.

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Stop Collar Set

To memorize cut positions or pre-set where a second cut will occur. Particularly useful for mortising, fluting, inlay work and hardware installations. Comes in a set of 4.

Center Bar & Levelers

To cut small circles (1/2″ to about a 12″) with the Edge Guide. Circular inlays, luthier applications, custom rosette capability, toy wheels, hardware installation, speaker-making.

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The Edge-Guide can fit virtually any router in the market. Below are some of the most popular models.

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Weight 2.75 lbs
Dimensions 13.375 × 6.375 × 2.5 in