Interface & Circle Jig Attachment – For Edge-Guide Owners

$364.00 - $444.00

This is the package you’ll need if you already own our Edge-Guide and want to fit one of the various clamp/straight-edge extrusions (see the drop-down box below) with Micro Fence’s micrometer adjustability.

What you get in this package: In addition to choosing your package with or without the Model A Bar needed to attach to the Interface Kit,  you’ll get the appropriate UHMW slide to ride on the manufacturer’s extrusion you specify. Any router can be mounted on the Universal Router Plate. You can drill the plate to fit your router by using its factory sub-base as a template (we include an instruction sheet and a centering hub with every Interface Package), or for a $30 fee we can pre-drill the plate for many popular router models (see Pre-Drill Service on our ‘Accessories’ page).

So, with the addition of the Circle Jig Attachment to your kit (packaged here with the Stabilizer Bar),  you’ll have the ability to cut circles from 6″ to 48″ (bigger if you add longer guide shafts) and cut parallel dadoes with the aluminum sub-fence that’s included. The thumbnail photos below show some of the various set-ups available with this kit.

What can you do with this package: The set-up allows micrometer-adjusted cuts (dadoes, rabbets, flutes, etc.) using the clamps as a straight-edge. Adjustments to the dimension or position of your cut can be made with the Micro Fence® System rather than by moving the clamp.

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Stop Collar Set

To memorize cut positions or pre-set where a second cut will occur. Particularly useful for mortising, fluting, inlay work and hardware installations. Comes in a set of 4.

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A little explanation of how it works: All of our Interface Packages require the forward portion of our Circle Jig fitted with our Model A Mounting Bar. We have several purchasing options listed below. This particular package has been introduced for those who already have a Micro Fence® Edge-Guide. We have included an option in the drop down box above allowing you to choose your package with or without the Model A Mounting Bar.

Other purchasing options: If you’re not sure this is the right package for you, take a moment to review these other Interface purchasing options:

  • Interface & Circle Jig Complete: A great deal if you are brand new to the Micro Fence® System and want the circle cutting capabilities offered by our Circle Jig in addition to the straight-line capabilities of the Interface Package.
  • Interface Essentials Package: This package is for those looking to spend a little bit less. It does not include circle cutting capabilities but offers everything you need to fit and run along any of the extruded aluminum clamps. It can also be upgraded should you decide later that you want circle cutting capabilities.
  • Interface: This is the Interface alone and is for our Micro Fence® customers who already own a Circle Jig.
  • Interface Slides: This is simply the slide portion of our Interface for our Micro Fence® customers who already own an Interface for other clamps or straight-edge extrusions and would like to be able to fit another brand.

As always, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-480-6427 if you have any questions.

*Please note that due to the USPS regulations we cannot ship DynaGlide outside of the continental United States.

Additional information

Weight 3.9 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 7 × 7 in