Plunge Base (Original): (for Trimmer and Compact Router Motors)


The Micro Fence Original Plunge Base is one of the foundation pieces of our system and is compatible with all existing Micro Fence products. Used with the Micro Fence Edge Guide or Circle Jig, you’ll have all the elements of a precision milling machine. Introduced in 2006, the Plunge Base was honored in the “Best New Tool” review of Popular Woodworking magazine. In 2011 it received the AWFS Sequoia Award for “Leadership in Product Innovation” in the Power Tools category.

A number of accessories are listed below and shown in the thumbnail pictures to the left that can expand the versatility of this tool (more information on each accessory is available on the Accessories pages).

If you’re interested in a more complete kit, our Package Deals page offers combinations that include our foundation pieces with the Plunge Base.

Please note: The bore in the motor carriage of the Plunge Base is for the Bosch Colt PR10/20 and requires no additional adapter. All other laminate trimmers have smaller diameters and will require either an adapter ring or cup. If your router needs an adapter (those marked with an asterisk* in the drop-down box below menu), it will need to be added. See Accessories (Short List) listed below. The dust hood kits are available separately or together in a kit.

See the specifications section below for details regarding motors with push button arbor lock systems.

Light Ring Kit

Our six LED Light Ring circuit board w/ wall plug transformer.

  • Battery Pack Option

    A 9V battery with hook & loop pouch, mounting strap and short power patch cord.

Mounting Bar

Enables our Edge Guide to be used with the Original Plunge Base.

Dust Hood Kit

These kits provide extremely efficient dust removal when connected to shop vacuums or central dust collection systems.

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    • 6” Diameter Base
    • Compatible w/PC Template Guide Bushings
    • Wt: 3.85 lbs, 5.07 lbs w/Edge Guide
    • Vertical Adjustment to .001”
    • Overall Vertical Travel 2.75
    • The base price for the Micro Fence Plunge Base is for the Bosch Colt PR10/20, which requires no additional adapter ring or cup. All other laminate trimmer and high-speed rotary tool motors require an adapter to fit in the Plunge Base.
    • A clearly marked stop rod limits your depth of cut to any tolerance you prefer. The three-position turret indexes on a spring-loaded ball to seat precision-machined stops at 1/8” increments within .0015 tolerance. All other depths can be controlled by the stop rod and Micro Fence micrometer dial, which is scaled in thousandths.
    • Note: The position of the push button arbor lock on some compact routers (such as the DeWalt 611, DeWalt DCW600B Cordless and Milwaukee M18 Fuel) will be obscured by the motor carriage when mounted in our Plunge Base. In these cases, the motor may have to be removed when changing bits. We highly recommend the use of two wrenches for bit changes (most manufacturers provide flats on both the arbor and the arbor lock nut for this purpose). Two wrenches moving in opposite directions afford superior control over torque applied to the bit. It also eliminates wear on the non-conductive plastic used in the push button locks.
Our Plunge Base was designed for all forms of joinery details, hardware installations, decorative cuts, inlays, and set-up duplication. It offers a comfortable, more manageable, and precise alternative to heavier full-sized routers.

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Weight 4.5 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 8.5 × 8.5 in