Template Guide Bushing Precision Sub-Base


Our friend Pat Warner has made the acrylic sub-bases for our Plunge Base ever since we came out with it in 2006. I met Pat when I first started manufacturing the Micro Fence back in 1993. Over the years, he has accumulated a wide line of router accessories, which he makes and markets from his website, www.patwarner.com. Pat has proven to be a vital ally and a valuable source of information when it comes to routers and routing. Sadly, health-related issues have made it necessary for Pat to stop his production work, and we’ve found a new supplier (Brad Witt at Woodhaven, who’s also an old friend dating back to our first Micro Fence adventures). Thanks to Pat for all the years of flawless supply and congenial phone-pal support.

*Note: These are accessories to our plunge bases.

We feel quite confident about the alignment of our motor carriage and lower aluminum base as they are CNC-milled from the same fixture during manufacture. We can’t, however, vouch for the concentricity of either the motor housing or collet structure of various manufacturers’ trimmers that can be mounted in our base.

Pat’s design for the precision base provides the ‘wiggle room’ that can save the day when trying to align the bit to a template guide bushing (thanks to its counter-bored holes). The bases are thicker (.330 + or – .010″) to ensure durability and come with three button-head allen drive screws that fasten them to the bottom of our Plunge Base.

For those who want the ultimate set-up accuracy, these bases are an asset. They are available here by themselves or in a combination kit with our Precision Template Guide Bushings.


Additional information

Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × .5 in

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